Beginner's Guide to Graphic Design: Creative Market

Why every designer should have a Creative Market account. *There are referral links present in this post. All opinions within this post are 100% honest – Creative Market is truly amazing!

Over the past year I've developed a newfound love for graphic design. This form of visual communication allows you to essentially speak a new language of lines, forms, colours, patterns and textures. There's something so wonderful about seeing someone fall in love with something you made.

But if you're anything like me - a beginning designer with no formal education (yet. I'm currently taking a graphic arts class and a web development class) -  you want to use resources that help you learn and become an even better designer. I stumbled upon Creative Market about a week or two ago and have fallen head over heels for this place!

So what exactly is Creative Market? It's an online marketplace where you can buy handcrafted, digital design content from creatives around the world to use in your projects. You can find everything from fonts, icons, and themes, to clipart, brushes, stock photographs and much, much more. Like an Etsy for design goods, Creative Market is a designers dream come true. I'll talk briefly about what the marketplace offers and share some of my favorite features!

Free Goods of the Week

This is my absolute favorite feature! Every week six different design goods are available to download for FREE! Keep in mind that these items usually sell anywhere between $12-25 per item. This week I downloaded the subtle paper textures and linocut brushes, and last week I got some watercolor speech bubbles!

Free goods from Creative Market


Here you can find beautiful stock photos to use for blog posts and other designing needs. I recommend using photo bundles and looking for photos that will be versatile in different types of posts and graphics.


This is where things get exciting! Creative Market has everything from Icons and Illustrations, to Mockups and Web Elements. If you're a designer, you'll have hit the jackpot with what's offered here! There are a ton of Illustrator and Photoshop brushes, blog design elements, background textures, etc. If you're just starting out and dabbling into graphic design, these resources will help you a lot. Plus, they give you some great inspiration!


Everything from business card templates to resumes to stationary - they're all here! These are perfect if you design your own cards or stationery and want a nice mock up or background to put them on for selling.


Creative Market is a great place to find deals on beautiful templates for your Wordpress blog. I wish I would have discovered this resource before I started my blog, as I found some amazing minimal blog templates with a design similar to the one my blog has, but for half the cost! I've seen so many overpriced templates that aren't even designed to be a beautiful website, but Creative Market offers some of the best with prices you can't beat. It just goes to show how curated their marketplace is :)


I have a strong love for fonts. Each one has it's own personality and can transform text into something meaningful and beautiful! Creative Market usually has a free font each week, but there are also a lot of great typefaces for sale.


Add-ons include items such as actions, brushes, and plug-ins. Photoshop actions are great if you want to quickly edit a photo without having to do all of the work from scratch. Think of them like Instagram filters, only way better!

Overall, I am incredibly happy to have found such a great resource to use and learn from. Creative Market has something for everyone, and I'm sure you'll find an item (or two or twelve) that you love too! :)

What are some of your favorite items from Creative Market?


P.S. 12 FREE script fonts