7 Ways to Achieve Your Dreams

7 Ways to Achieve Your Dreams | The Kardia Blog Anyone who knows me knows that I am a dreamer. I live for the future and what it has in store. I'm constantly visualizing what I what to make happen. My mind is full of ideas. So how do I go about making those dreams a reality? Patience, practice, and a whole lot of support. Here are 7 ways to effectively and successfully reach your highest dreams.

Visualize Success

The first step to achieving your dream is to see it. Picture yourself reaching your goal. How will you feel when you reach your goal? How will your life change as a result? I recommend keeping a picture of your goal where you see and are reminded of it every day. Visualize success. If you can't see it happening, chances are that it never will.

Make a Plan

One of my favorite quotes says "A vision without action is nothing but a hallucination."  I keep this quote on the login page of my laptop so I see it everyday. It's a reminder that your dreams won't happen unless you make them happen. Sit down and make an action plan on how to achieve your dream. Write down the steps that need to be taken, set mini goals, brainstorm ideas, anything to put your goal in motion.

Be Positive, Not Negative

Life isn't always easy, especially when you're trying to achieve a dream. Things will go wrong, people may laugh at you and tell you that it won't work, and sometimes it may be hard to simply just get started. But don't lose hope. Stay positive. Nothing is impossible to the person who has the desire to succeed. If you really want it, you can't let negativity rule. Stay positive every step of the way.

Practice Patience

Even when you're trying your best to being positive, there will be times where you'll feel defeated or stuck. But when nothing seems to be happening, don't give up hope. Take some time to sit back and observe what is happening. Things always have a way of working out.

Be Open and Flexible

The road to achieving your dream isn't always straight and clear. If you hit a roadblock (or two, or 50), don't give up! Just go a different way. Don't look at failures as a waste of time, look at them as an opportunity to learn.

Review Your Progress

Establish a time for checking your progress and write in down in your calendar. Evaluate your strategies and tactics. If you're making great progress, what can you do to keep the momentum going? Are you getting the results you expected or desired What is the next step?

If you’re not making progress, don't let your optimism keep you from accomplishing your goals. Honestly, something will and probably is, going to go wrong. Just take a look at what is keeping you from accomplishing your goal and make a plan to overcome them.

Support Others

If you have big dreams, find others who also have big dreams! Encourage one another and provide support. Surround yourself with dreamers, believers and people who see the world as big as you do. #fireworkpeople is a great community for creatives, dreamers and entrepreneurs who want to change the world. I'm a member and I am truly blessed by all the encouragement I receive from others. Every Tuesday night at 9pm EST, there is a Twitter Party using the hashtag #fireworkpeople. If you are full of dreams and want to put them into action, I encourage you to come join us! We also have a Facebook group where we can share encouragement and stories. The community is so friendly and I hope that we can all unite with the common goal of making a difference and changing the world.

I am...a Dreamer | The Kardia

 How will you achieve your dreams? 


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36 Ways to Show Love to Others

36 Ways to Show Love to Others | The Kardia Blog Last Tuesday I had the chance to join my first #fireworkpeople Twitter party. #fireworkpeople is a community for creatives, dreamers, and entrepreneurs that is full of encouragement! I'm so happy I found such a welcoming and supporting community. The topic we discussed last Tuesday was on how to love others. There were so many great responses and an amazing discussion on what it really means to love. Encouragement and support was everywhere! Days later, I found myself still thinking about how I can show love to others, even to those who don't show it to me. While this list isn't a complete list of the ways you can show love to others, it's a great starting point. So today I challenge you to find ways to show someone that you love them, and then go do it.

35 Ways to Show Love to Others

  1. Pray for them
  2. Say "I love you" often
  3. Hug more
  4. Give without expecting something in return
  5. Apologize first
  6. Listen quietly
  7. Be gracious and say thank you
  8. Write a handwritten thank you note
  9. Brighten their day with flowers
  10. Give gifts
  11. Give advice when wanted
  12. Be honest
  13. Forgive
  14. Be thoughtful
  15. Be a shoulder to cry on
  16. Give compliments
  17. Simply spend time with them
  18. Accept invitations
  19. Exhibit patience
  20. Accept differences
  21. Let them know that you admire them
  22. Let them know you appreciate them
  23. Let them know you are proud of them
  24. Be a mentor
  25. Remember things they like
  26. Be a source of comfort
  27. Smile :)
  28. Encourage them to go for their dreams
  29. Compliment them on a talent, strength, or skill you admire
  30. Do something little, but thoughtful
  31. Fully listen to what they have to say
  32. Resist the urge to tell them they're wrong
  33. Listen to their needs
  34. Learn what their love language is and utilize it
  35. Provide something that they need
  36. Stand up for them

Love Note

Let all that you do be done with love.

1 Corinthians 16:14

What are some other ways you can show love to others?