7 Ways to Give Back while Simplifying Your Life

What if you could live a simpler life–while giving back at the same time? I challenge you to make the best of every situation and strive to live an eco-friendly, simple lifestyle.There's a lot of talk about simplicity and living a minimalistic lifestyle. There are numerous lists on the internet of ways to simplify your life. But, what if you could live a simpler life–while giving back at the same time? I challenge you to make the best of every situation and strive to live an eco-friendly, simple lifestyle. [Tweet "What if you could live a simpler life–while giving back at the same time? Here are 7 ways to do so."]

Step away from your phone – and give clean water to children in need.

The UNICEF Tap Project encourages you to stop texting, emailing, calling, and using social media on your phone to help provide clean, safe water for children around the world. The longer you go without touching your phone, the more clean water will be given to children in need. Just think, you'll be simplifying your life by being less dependent on technology all while providing clean water for children. It's a win-win!

UNICEF Tap Project

Donate your clothes – and help kids rise up with education.

thredUp* is an online consignment shop that sells popular brands at discounts of up to 90%! Even better, they provide you with a Clean Out bag to send your gently used clothing items in exchange for cash, for FREE. They'll pay you up to 80% of the resale value, and items that aren't accepted go to charitable partners or textile recycling companies. It doesn't end there. thredUP* will also donate a portion of proceeds from every thredUP bag to support the development of high-quality teachers in schools through Teach For America.

*signing up through this referral link will give you (and me) $10 to spend on thredUp!

Get rid of junk mail (easily) – and cut down on paper waste.

PaperKarma is the easiest way to eliminate junk mail. Simply snap a photo of the piece of mail and they'll figure out what it is and instantly submit a request to stop the mailing on your behalf. By doing so, you'll be saving trees and simplifying your mailbox.

Be creative – and plant a tree.

Baron Fig has created the ultimate creative notebook. 192 acid-free pages open completely flat for effective use. The dimensions are wider than traditional notebooks, making it more useful for drawings. And, for every Confidant notebook purchased, they will donate seeds to plant a tree. Even the smallest thing can make positive change within the creative lifestyle.

Baron Fig Plants Trees

Reuse shopping bags – and reduce emissions and waste.

Did you know that more than one billion single-use plastic bags are handed to consumers each day in the U.S. and it takes a 15-year-old tree to produce just 700 paper grocery bags? Paper or plastic is no longer the question. Reusing shopping bags significantly reduces both emissions and waste. Purchase one for a few cents or up to a dollar at participating retailers (they usually donate the proceeds of the bags to charities as well).

Donate your jewelry – and help homeless pets.

Unwanted jewelry? Donate it to Indigo Rescue and receive a tax receipt and the satisfaction of knowing that your your jewelry donation is helping save homeless animals.

Learn more on how to live a purposeful life – and end sex trafficking.

One of the best publications ever, Darling Magazine's mission is to encourage us, as women, to embody virtue, wit, modesty, wisdom, and love. The articles in each issue (published every four months) show how to practically live a life of purpose and intention. Even better, Darling is partnering with International Justice Mission and will donate a portion of proceeds from magazine sales specifically for the work being done to end sex trafficking in the Dominican Republic.

What other ways can you give back while simplifying your life?