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8 College Girl Must Haves

8 College Must Haves | The Kardia Blog It's back to school time! I can't believe that I'm heading back to Lincoln, NE for school tomorrow. Where did summer go?

Back to school means back to packing all my stuff up and moving it into a dorm room. While those "College Necessities" lists are helpful for letting you know that you need bed sheets (extra long!) and a shower caddy, I've compiled a list of 8 truly must have items for any college aged girl. Trust me, these will help you more than that shoe rack in your tiny dorm room closet will.

1. A great planner / agenda

Balancing school, work, friends, hobbies, and extracurricular activities requires lots of time management. That's why I love my Lilly Pulitzer agenda! It's spacious and the colors are an instant mood booster. Never miss another meeting or forget another assignment again!

2. A reusable water bottle

Kick your bottled water habit and purchase a reusable bottle instead. Many college campuses have water bottle filling stations, making it easy to stay hydrated. I have the bkr bottle and I love it! It's made of glass and comes with a silicone sleeve in the color you choose. Drinking water has never been so fashionable ;)

3. A cute pencil pouch

Don't just dump your writing utensils in your backpack, put them in a pencil pouch! It's much easier to find something to write with when they're all in one place.

4. A mini steamer

This is such a handy item to have around. This little beauty will take wrinkles out of clothes in less than 5 minutes and it's easier to use than an iron. Just fill with tap water, plug it in, and go!

5. A (durable) backpack

No locker means that you'll be carrying your books, laptop, and notebooks with you everywhere. Pick a backpack that can easily go with all your outfits and won't fall apart from the weight of all the books!

6. Boots (lots of them)

If you go to a college where it's cold for the majority of the school year, boots are your friends. Plus, they are a great at pulling your outfit together! Every college girl should own a pair of tall brown boots, tall black boots, a pair of combat boots (black or brown), and rain boots. You'll wear these all year, so make sure they're good quality.

7. A study playlist

Music makes the long hours of studying go by so much faster. Choose songs that aren't too distracting, otherwise you'll be singing along for the next 4 hours! I created a Hit the Books playlist on Spotify that includes music from John Mayer, Of Monsters and Men, and Imagine Dragons. Currently it's 4 hours and 35 minutes long, and I keep on adding to it! Enjoy!

8. Leggings

These are a girl's wardrobe must have. Wear them with a flowy top and sandals or a chunky sweater and boots on days when you woke up a little too late for that early morning class. I get mine for less than $5 from Forever 21. Stock up!

9. BONUS! Hand Sanitizer

When the seasons change and the flu starts going around, stay sanitized and keep yourself healthy! Get a pack of mini hand sanitizers and keep one in your backpack, purse, and dorm room.

There you have it! Essentials for the everygirl. I hope this list was useful for you, whether you're in college or not.

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What other items do you think are college necessities? Which do you prefer: steamer or an iron?


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