Fun and Easy Ways to De-Stress

Need some ways to de-stress after finals? We've got you covered. #relaxationtips Life has gotten so busy these past few weeks. I'm taking six finals in three days, starting today! Wish me luck! The great thing is that once the tests are over, summer is here. And although I'll be taking summer classes, I absolutely can not wait to sit back and relax for a bit. So if you're trying to get through finals week (like me) or are just simply looking for easy yet fun ways to de-stress, this post is for you. Have a great day everyone!

  1. Sleep. Many of us are overworked and overwhelmed. We have so much to do in so little time. But the thing is, getting enough rest is even more important. What better way to lessen the fatigue than to curl up under the covers and catch some much needed z's. To help you out even more, here are 10 secrets for a better night's sleep.
  2. Treat yourself. Indulge in that ice cream. Buy yourself some flowers. Schedule a massage. Whatever you do entirely up to you.
  3. Don't do anything. This might sound contradicting and dull, but just sitting and not thinking about anything for 5 minutes straight can do wonders. Find a quiet place and just sit and breathe. Your body will be able to wind down and relax easier.
  4. Stretch and deep breathe. Nothing feels better than a deep breathe and a good, long stretch. It helps eliminate tension and stress by bringing more oxygen to your brain and also loosens tight muscles.
  5. Read. No, you don't have to read another (boring) textbook during your free time. But studies have shown that sometimes moving to fun read for enjoyment is a good idea. Get lost in some books!
  6. Attend an event. Check your city website, local newspaper, or college campus bulletin board to find fun events to attend (many are free!). Maybe it's a summer festival, a monthly art walk, or a concert. Find something that you would enjoy.
  7. Dance. Listen to music for the sake of listening to music. Dance to your heart’s content. It can revitalize your energy, especially after you've been stressed out.
  8. Get some exercise. For a quick de-stress, take a quick jog or run. An energizing exercise can help clear your mind and calm you down.
  9. Spend time in the park. Nature is one of the most calming de-stressors out there. Nothing feels more freeing than feeling the sunshine on your back and the wind blowing across your face. The simplicity of nature is calming and the it's beauty is soothing to the eyes. Take a trip to the park and take a deep breath of some fresh air.
  10. Hang out with friends. Chances are that when you're stressed, you're not in favor of spending time with other people. But you're most likely not the only one who needs to de-stress. Take time to catch up with friends, especially funny ones. After all, laughter is the best medicine.
  11. Create a relaxation space. Bring in things that personally help you de-stress: candles, a book, a blanket, a sketchbook, magazines, etc. Use this space to remove yourself from the usual routine of life.
  12. Shift your focus. When you begin to feel overwhelmed, try distracting yourself by doing a different activity. Paint your nails, straighten your desk, do you laundry, THEN come back to the task at hand. Don't confuse this with procrastinating! You're simply taking a break to clear your mind so you're better prepared to conquer whatever it is you're doing.

What other ways to you use to relax and de-stress?