Introducing the Flourish Linkup

The Flourish Linkup with The Kardia Blog Happy Friday everyone! :) I am thrilled to be able to share something with all of you that has been percolating in my brain for a few weeks. (Percolate is my new favorite word! It means to brew or spread gradually) I'd like to introduce to you the Flourish linkup, my vision behind it, and how you can be a part of it :)

Part goal setting, part journal, and part action, the Flourish linkup is a way to help you discover how to be successful, prosper, and thrive - in your own way. Every person is different, and the road to what you define as success will be different than what other's will be. The linkup will be held the first Friday of every month, with the first linkup being February 6.

My dream is to help people live a life of purpose. Don't waste away your days. We all have a purpose, and we all have goals. Let's make them a reality.

For me, my life has one major goal. Everything else falls underneath it in various hierarchies. That one major goal is to share the love the God and to spread that love and encouragement to others. I want to see people be happy and thrive doing what they love!

You see, the goal of life isn't to make a lot of money, or live in the biggest house, or have a so-called "perfect" life - because nothing is perfect. The goal of life is live a life that means something. You'll feel fulfilled in life if the way you've lived it means something to you. Why sit around and not do anything? Take action. Go Flourish.

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Outlined here is the general format for the Flourish linkup posts:

1. List 10 things you are grateful for

Gratitude changes everything. The first step to living a life you love, is to love what is in your life. Taking the time to write down or share what you're grateful for can dramatically change your viewpoint on things. So each month, begin the linkup by listing 10 things you're grateful for. You can go more in depth and explain why if you'd like, or you might choose not to. You can write this in a bullet list, a numbered list, or even in sentence format; whatever your heart desires.

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2. I will Flourish...creatively

This is where you can let your mind go wild! Each month's prompt will be the word that comes after Flourish. So, February's prompt will be Creatively. This section is where you can share how you plan to Flourish in that area of life. For example, you might outline a plan of action: steps to how you will become the best version of yourself in that area. I'm not setting rules for this section because I want it to be open to whatever your mind comes up with. I want whatever is posted in this section to be personal and mean something to you. How will you Flourish?

I'll also list a few questions to go with each prompt to help you get started. You don't need to answer the questions, they're just a starting point, but you can if you wish.

Ideas to get those brain juices flowing:

What is one thing out of your comfort zone that you will do this month? How do you foster creativity? By taking walks? Sitting in silence? What are some of your talents? What hobbies do you enjoy doing? How can you use your talents to bring joy to others? 

3. Reflect

Each month you'll have the chance to reflect on what you posted about the previous month. What worked? What didn't? What can you do differently? How can you use your strengths, skills, and passion to play to your advantage?

But since this is the first linkup, this is what we'll do instead: Tell us what the word "Flourish" means to you. 

And that's it! :) I'm super excited to learn from all of you and to join you on your journey to success! Let's go Flourish!

With the first linkup a whole month from now (February 6), if you'd like me to send you a reminder email the week before, sign up using the link below! I promise to only send you the reminder email and not spam you with random junk.

If you signed up yesterday, I just found out that the confirmation email that you needed to click went to everyone's spam for some reason :( I have it fixed now! So if you signed up yesterday, could you please sign up again :) Thanks!

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The linkup will go live the first Friday of every month at 12 am EST. You'll be able to submit your take on the week's prompt, as well as discover how other's are planning to Flourish in the different aspects of their lives! My hope is that this linkup will encourage you to take steps, however big or small, towards becoming the best version of yourself. Don't aim for perfection, but refine what works for you. Here's to Flourishing in 2015!

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The Flourish Linkup Rules

1. Follow your host on Bloglovin'

2. Share your post based on the week's prompt! Please link to the actual post and not your homepage. It makes the posts easy to find :)

3. In your post, share the Flourish button or a link back to this post - this helps let others know more about the linkup.

4. Visit and comment on the post before yours and then visit and comment on at least one other blog. Leave encouraging comments! This is a community of dream seekers and we want everyone to strive for the best :)

5. Remember to use the hashtag #IWillFlourish when you promote your post on Twitter and/or Facebook, or if you post a picture of how you're Flourishing on Instagram!

I really hope you'll join in! :) I can't wait to read everyone's posts! Here's the link again if you'd like to sign up to get the reminder post about the linkup so you don't miss it:

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I also hope to begin offering co-host spots eventually :) Keep an eye out in future posts for that announcement!


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