5 Things You Wouldn't Know About Me

5 Things You Wouldn't Know About Me | The Kardia Blog Blogging has given me the opportunity to connect with others in ways I haven't before. I’ve noticed how the image of other people can be different in blog world versus in real life. In the blogging world, you can only see what the blogger lets you see about their life. You don't get to really know the little quirks about your blog friends unless you meet them in real life. So in case we've never met in real life, here are some lesser known things that make me, me.

I smell my hair...constantly

This is probably my weirdest quirk. I have this habit of smelling my hair. Usually, I take a section, twist it around my index finger, stop it with my thumb, let it loosen a little bit, then hold it between my nose and lips for awhile. Caleb thinks it's hilarious! He says it must help me remember things, because when I'm trying to think, I start to sniff my hair and then it's like a lightbulb went on in my head. I don't even know why or when I started doing this. All I know is that I do it all the time, even when I'm walking! Last summer when I was working retail, I was walking around and one of my coworkers asked me why I'm always smelling my hair. I didn't even realize I was doing it until she said something! Talk about embarrassing...

I drop the pencil and pick it up again, just to erase something

I didn't even know I had this habit until one of my friends pointed it out. We were taking notes in class and I kept messing up and having to erase things. She turned to me and said, "Why do you drop the pencil to erase? Why not just turn it around in your hand?" Honestly, I don't know why. I guess I think it's faster?

I'm afraid of elevators

This fear started when I came to visit my college as a senior in high school. We took a trip to the Lincoln capitol building, which is a whopping 400 feet tall. Inside is this tiny little elevator that brings you up to the top. Everything about the trip was good, until we had to come down. Let's just say, we had too many people in the old elevator. It kept stopping randomly, in between floors. Then as we finally reached the bottom, an alarm went off. Ever since then, I've been afraid of getting stuck in an elevator, especially alone. That's why I take the stairs whenever I can! I guess I'm not alone with this fear though, because this post from A Cup of Jo explains it perfectly!

I wear contacts 98% of the time

I was one of those girls in elementary school that didn't like how I looked with glasses., so I only wore them at home. Once I got contacts in high school, I only wore glasses in my dorm room (I went to a boarding school). Caleb didn't even know I needed glasses until we had been dating for three months! Now that I'm in college (and have a pair of glasses that I love), I wear contacts most of the time, but I'll still wear my glasses every few days.

I'm half Filipino

Yep! My dad is scandinavian and my mom is filipino. A lot of people tend to look at me for a long time before cautiously asking what I am. When I tell them that I'm half Filipino they say, "I knew you were part something! I can see it in your eyes!" Other than that, I don't think you can easily tell what ethnicity I am.

What is something I wouldn't know about you unless we met in person?


P.S. Did you know that you can learn a lot about people from...their Pinterest?