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Nurturing Commitment | The Kardia Blog Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! I sure did, the sun was out and birds were chirping. It's so beautiful :)

I'm so excited to be co-hosting the Marriage and Relationship Goals linkup with Amberly, Charlene, and Rebecca today. This linkup has been one of my favorites since I've started blogging. It encourages me to intentionally work on my relationship with Caleb every day through goal setting.

At the very beginning of 2015, Caleb and I choose a word to focus on in our relationship for the entire year:


This is the first time I've linked up since January. Hopefully now as the semester is winding down and I'm less busy, I can linkup every month! Our goal for January was to nurture our endeavors and grow them as a team. Since then, Caleb and I have made a point to help each other with different aspects of our lives. In his business, I answer the emails and set up the website. For my blog, he takes photos and helps me come up with ideas. We've learned to work together to accomplish things.

Keeping with the theme of nurture, this month we'll be focusing on:

Nurturing commitment

Like Caleb said in his analogy of our relationship being a plant, we need to strengthen our relationship and become more like a team because it will make us stronger. As a young couple, we'd like to work on showing each other commitment in our everyday lives. Here are three ways we plan to do so this month:

1. Planning for the future that includes each other.

Being in college, I see a lot of young couples break up around graduation because they simply had different ideas on what they wanted to do with their life. Maybe the relationship just wasn't right, or maybe it's because they didn't spend time talking about their future together. 

I believe that one way to strengthen commitment in any relationship is to talk about the future. When planning for the future, make sure to plan with the other person's feelings in mind as well. Maybe one of you would prefer to live closer to family after graduation, so instead of looking for a job anywhere in the U.S., try searching for one closer to home. Including the other person in your future plans shows that you're committed to loving them.

2. Making time for things that the other person likes. 

One aspect of true love is that is selfless and thinks of the other person's needs before their own. While we're both very busy people, we want to make sure we make time to do activities that the other person likes. Things like going to Menards to shop for materials and parts, or going to a big Easter egg hunt instead of working on different projects (true story). While we may be sacrificing a few hours of personal time, how much greater is the benefit of time spent together? A lot.

3. Doing things that makes the other person feel loved.

This goes along with number two, but adds a little more to it. We want to actively be feeding each other's love language. Things such as making a home cooked meal or spending time talking at the park on a sunny afternoon can help bring us closer together.

These are only a few ways we plan to nurture commitment in our relationship. It's an ongoing process that will never stop. Commitment never gets old.

How will you be nurturing commitment in your marriage/relationship this month?

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