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Our senior year of high school, Caleb's english class had to make a portfolio. They included lists such as 100 Things That Make Me Happy, Five Top Fives, and 10 Random Thoughts. When I read Caleb's random thoughts, I couldn't help but laugh! That man is so funny! That list planted the thought of doing a series here on the blog called Random Thoughts. Every month Caleb and I will sit down and say what's on our mind. Whether our thoughts are funny or serious, I hope this series will make you smile and give you a little insight to our lives. Here's the original Random Thoughts and a glimpse into the brain of that 18 year old boy (I didn't change anything at all, this is literally word for word!)

Random Thoughts (circa 2013)

“I don’t have random thoughts.  All of mine are in order.”

“Where can I find a clean shirt?”

“We could've won the football game, but our quarterback was sick, and there were a bunch of substitutes, and the referee was the quarterback for the other team.”

“I love sitting in my underwear.”

“I think heaven is going to be 82 degrees.”

“Flossing is very difficult.  My hands are too big and my mouth is too small.”

“I still need to return all the Bibles I borrowed from Mrs. Vigil.”

“Brittany is really pretty, very smart, very nice, and very fun to talk to.”

“I love standing over a fan.”

“I need to do laundry, but I don't have any quarters.”

And now, here's today's random thoughts by Brittany and Caleb!

More Random Thoughts


"There needs to be a day between Saturday and Sunday."

"I think I have selective reply-ism. I forget to text people back sometimes."

"I should paint my nails sometime soon. Maybe burgundy. Oh wait, I don't have burgundy. Maybe teal. Wait, I don't have that either."

"I really want some L.L. Bean boots..."

"You know why students gain the freshman 15? Because there is always free donuts, Panera bread, chips, or bananas outside of Student Services. They're trying to make us fat."

"I think all my thoughts are hiding. I can't think of anything."

"Pinterest should count as researching. I'd be a great researcher."


"I don't have any [random thoughts]."

"I think my backpack is pregnant, I hope it doesn't break."

"My water bottle is really tough, it has lots of dents in it. The lid will probably break first, but that's ok, I'll just mill a new one."

"I just got an email."

"I'm not very funny, I don't know why you're typing things I'm saying."

"I really like Tinkerbell, the little pixie. She's pretty. But not as pretty as you my dear."

"I don't have any random boxes floating around, everything is organized very nicely and neatly." (He's talking about how his thoughts are organized)

"You're very cute when you type. And when you sniff your hair." (That's a habit of mine...and he proceeds to mimic me by putting a blanket over his head and sniffing it)

 What are some of your random thoughts? 


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