Healthy Eating - Relationship Goals

Strawberry I just looked to see what date it is today, and I can't believe it's December 1 already! These months are going by faster and faster. Last month my relationship goal was setting aside time to have daily Bible reading/worship together. I'm really happy to say that we have intentionally made time every day to do some Bible reading, and now we're taking that a step further and will be taking notes in church so we can discuss and do a Bible study afterwards :)

Lately, Caleb and I have been so busy that we just eat whatever we have, whether it be leftovers or what's in the cafe at school. With the cold and flu season coming around, we want to take better care of our health.

Therefore, our relationship goal for the month is:

Healthy Eating

Watching what you put into your body and understanding the benefits that healthy eating provides can keep you strong and even reduce other physical problems, such as digestive issues and headaches. There are a few steps that Caleb and I are taking to ensure that we eat healthy:

Make homemade food

I totally understand the busy lifestyle many of us have. Still, eating homemade food and not packaged or fast food can dramatically impact your health. Look for meals in which you can use the leftovers the next day. Try making different types of sandwiches for lunch, or make a big pot of soup.

Eat meals together, not on the couch or while watching TV

Taking the time to sit down with each other and eat can provide quality time together as a couple. Instead of watching TV or eating at different times, you can chat about your day! And eat your meals slowly, don't shovel it down your throat!

Eat fruits and veggies, daily

This is something Caleb and I are going to work on. We're going to make an effort to eat some fruits and veggies every single day, because currently, we've been slacking on that.

Make lunch for your significant other!

Packing lunch for them can be a sweet act of kindness and love, especially if the food is homemade! Include a little note saying how much you love them, and you'll definitely make their day!

 Marriage & Relationship Goals
What are your marriage or relationship goals for December?