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Top Gifts for Guys


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Gift Ideas for Men
Gift Ideas for Men

Every year I struggle with what to get the guys in my life. Men are so simple, but that's what makes it hard. Most of the time they want something like tools (which I have no idea which one to get, they're so picky!), something expensive (like a TV or computer), or they simply want nothing at all! Thankfully, there are some options when it comes down to this. Here's some my favorite items for guys that would make great Christmas, birthday, or anniversary gifts.

1. A Stunning Watch | Price Varies

JORD makes incredibly gorgeous wooden watches. The Dover Series (pictured above) is perfect for the man who likes to build things. With gears in full view and structured style, this self-winding automatic watch is sure to be on his wrist day in and day out. Check out JORD's full collection to find the right watch style for the man in your life (and you ladies as well!). Order before December 20, 2015 to get it in time for Christmas!

I've also partnered with JORD to giveaway a limited quantity of e-gift cards worth $35 each for the holidays! So if you've had your eye on one of these lovely wood watches, be sure to enter to get in on the savings. Entering is easy; click the link below - it will ask you for your email and your favorite JORD watch (so many to choose from) once you hit enter, your code will be emailed directly to you!

Get your $35 e-gift card here!

2. Dollar Shave Club | $3 – $9 per month depending on blade preference

Guys tend to use the same razor blade over and over because they're so expensive to buy repeatedly. The Dollar Shave Club solved that problem. Every month they send four high-quality razor blades straight to your door at an affordable price. The $6 razor is perfect and comes with free shipping! That’s less than you pay for Netflix! And as a bonus, women can use them too :) I got this for Caleb last year, and he loves it so much.

3. Gingham Tie | $19.99

A gingham tie is so classic and instantly brings an outfit up a notch. Get your man a nice tie to wear on some fancy dates with you. Or just dress up in your house. I mean, he’ll want to wear this tie even when he doesn’t have to.

4.Weekender Bag | $98

If your man travels often, consider gifting him a stylish, yet durable weekender bag. Everlane's quality is by far my top choice, as they show you transparent pricing right on their website. Meaning they show you how much it cost to make, and how much competitors are charging for the similar items. I have the reversible denim and black leather bag on my wishlist :)

5. Tommy John Trunks | $29 $26

Does your guy complain about, err, you know where? Consider gifting him something he'll be thankful for: super soft micro modal underwear. As with all Tommy John underwear, they come with a "No Wedgie Guarantee." No more complaints!

6. Thinsulate Gloves | $30 $11.99 Sale

Give your man a good, warm, stylish pair of gloves for the cold winter months. This pair features Thinsulate insulation, touchscreen friendly fingertips, ribbed cuffs, and a leather palm.

7. Box O' Balls | $9

Toss one of these balls into closets, gym bags, or smelly shoes and they'll do wonders to absorb noxious odors. Made of aromatic Eastern Red Cedar, they are a self-renewing non-endangered natural resource, meaning that they are reusable as well!

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75+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women

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75+ of the best stocking stuffer ideas for women! Perfect gift ideas for your wife, sister, or best friends. #christmas #giftideas
75+ of the best stocking stuffer ideas for women! Perfect gift ideas for your wife, sister, or best friends. #christmas #giftideas

I have a weakness for small, cute little gifts. While receiving a box from under the tree is always exciting, stocking stuffers have always been my favorite thing to open on Christmas morning. This list will help you find the perfect little gift or stocking stuffer for your sister, mom, best friend, cousin...whatever! Be sure to check out these 75+ stocking stuffer ideas for men too!


1. EOS lip balm 2. EOS hand lotion 3. Lipgloss / lipstick 4. Nail polish 5. Spa giftcard 6. Travel size beauty products 7. Makeup brushes 8. Exfoliating gloves 9. Soap (check out the pink clay one, oatmeal one, cocoa one, and coffee shampoo soap!) 10. Bath bombs 11. Massage oil 12. Bath oil 13. Himalayan pink bath salts 14. Pink clay face masks 15. Perfume 16. Sock bun styler 17. Eye mask


18. Camp Socks 19. Scarves 20. Ear warmers / hat 21. Hand warmers 22. Tights 23. Leg Warmers 24. Leggings 25. Belts


26. Phone cases 27. Headphones / earbuds 28. Cord taco (this is pretty cool) 29. Portable phone charger - I love this one! 30. Memory card for digital camera 31. iTunes giftcard 32. Camera strap

Arts / Crafts

33. Washi Tape 34. Colored pencils (to go with an adult coloring book! –great gift idea) 35. Pretty pencils 36. Pens 37. Sharpie Markers 38. Mini sketch books 39. Paint / paintbrushes 40. Stickers 41. Scrapbooking supplies 42. Stamps 43. Ink pads 44. Calligraphy set

Desk / Paper

45. A small planner 46. Candle holder 47. A cute notepad 48. Wall calendar 49. Cute mug 50. Notebooks 51. Mouse pad 52. Sticky notes


53. Soft blanket / throw 54. Wall art prints

Baking / Cooking

55. Cookie cutters 56. Cook books 57. Cupcake liners 58. Cookie decorating sprinkles

Little Things

59. Framed picture of both of you 60. Ferrero Rocher chocolates 61. Her favorite magazine 62. Flowers! 63. A love letter 64. Keychain 65. Pretty printed matchboxes 66. Fun luggage tags 67. Travel notebook 68. A chic umbrella 69. Compact mirror 70. Yearly ornament 71. Wallet 72. Gift card to favorite store 73. Concert tickets 74. Mints / gum 75. Coin purse 76. Assorted greeting cards 77. Yoga mat strap 78. Tea infusers for the tea drinker 79. Essential oils 80. Tote bags

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75+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men

Affiliate links are present in this post. By clicking, you are helping support this blog! Thank you!

75+ of the best stocking stuffer ideas for men #christmas #giftideas

There’s something so neat about little gifts small enough to be stuffed in a giant sock. Yet, many women struggle year after year on what to put in the stockings of the men in their life. To help you out, here's a list of 75+ stocking stuffer ideas for men that are both neat and useful!

Personal Care

1. Soap (check out this charcoal soap!) 2. Chapstick 3. Shower Gel 4. Cologne – if you're on a budget, try some sample sized ones 5. The Dollar Shave Club (a gift card subscription works too!) 6. Hair cut certificates 7. Back scratcher


8. Pocket squares 9. Beanie / knit hat 10. Ties 11. Cufflinks 12. Belt buckle 13. Wool socks 14. Black socks for work or church

Musician / Music Lover

15. iTunes giftcard 16. Guitar strings / picks / capo 17. Drum sticks 18. Headphones / earbuds


19. USB drive 20. Mophie Juice Pack phone case

Working Man

21. Nails, screws, drill bits 22. Carpenter pencil, sanding block, leveler 23. Tape measure 24. Flashlight 25. Pocket knife 26. Work gloves 27. Electrical Tape 28. Gorilla Tape (better than Duck tape!) 29. Extension cords 30. Safety goggles 31. Home Depot giftcard 32. O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Cream

Gym Rat / Athlete

33. Weight lifting gloves 34. Protein bars 35. Water bottle 36. Wrist / arm band for phone or MP3 player 37. Sports / health magazines 38. Resistance exercise bands - perfect for any bodyweight exercises! 39. Bike light 40. Thermal running gloves 41. A trusty bike lock 42. Wax for surfboards 43. Hand wrap tape 44. Golf balls 45. Golf tees


46. Fishing lures 47. Matches / lighter 48. Hand / boots warmers (check out this Zippo Pocket Handwarmer! You can get it engraved!) 49. Bungee cords 50. Carabiner 51. Sardine can survival kit 52. LifeStraw Personal Water Purifier

Auto / Car Care

53. Oil changing supplies 54. Car wash certificates 55. Car air fresheners 56. Tire pressure gauge - this one is the best in the industry, and it's only $10!) 57. Shop towels / rags

Sports Fan

58. 2015 Facts-A-Year Sports Daily Desk Calendar 59. Sports game tickets 60. Favorite sports hat 61. Trading / collectors cards 62. Sports memorabilia

Unique Ideas!

63. A wallet surprise 64. U Da Man chocolate bar 65. Stocking stuffer coupons 66. Best Husband trophy 67. The Art of Manliness 68. A cheesy movie from the clearance bin (Chuck Norris anyone?) 69. Mini bottle of a specialty hot sauce 70. Balsa wood airplanes 71. Pocket Ref Guide - This small, black book is crammed with just about every piece of information a man might want to know. 72. Field notes 73. Man Cave sign 74. Peace of mind (this is such a neat idea!)

Little Things

75. Sunglasses 76. Tins of shoe polish 77. Gums / mints 78. Deck of cards 79. Bottle opener, bottle opener ring 80. Money clip 81. Wallet (with a picture of you and him in it!)

Have any other manly stocking stuffer ideas? Share them in the comments and I'll add yours to the list! :)


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