How to Make a Birthday Box (Idea #1)

An easy way to give someone special a memorable birthday gift: A Birthday Box! Caleb turned 20 yesterday, and every year for his birthday, I make him a Birthday Box filled with gifts/surprises. This fun idea is something we both look forward to each year. Sometimes the box is huge, sometimes not, and it's different every year. Since I didn't get to document last year's Birthday Box, today I'm going to show you what I did this year so you can use to begin making Birthday Boxes for the special people in your life.

Last year I took a huge box (purchased from U-Haul) and filled the bottom with unwrapped gifts. I then went and purchased a bunch of balloons and taped them to the bottom of the inside of the box. When everything was ready, I stuffed all the balloons inside the box and used a small, single piece of tape to tape close the flaps. When he opened the box, balloons sprang up into his face! It was super amusing to watch :)

This year, I filled a box with smaller wrapped presents using the theme of 2.0 (because he turned 20. Get it? 2.0 .... 20. Haha!) It was a lot of fun to assemble and he really enjoyed opening it! Here's a breakdown on what I did:

Materials Needed

  • Square box (I purchased a 36x36 one from Walmart)
  • Various sized smaller boxes
  • Two different patterned wrapping paper
  • Ribbon/bows
  • Tissue paper
  • Balloons
  • Packing tape
  • Regular tape
  • Scissors
  • Gift tags (optional)

1. Assemble the larger box by using taping the bottom of the box together. Turn the box on it's side. Take one style of wrapping paper and wrap it all the way around the sides of the box, leaving a bit extra on the top and bottom. Tape in place. Cut the paper down the corners to fold the paper over the top flaps as well as the bottom.

2. Decide what box to put each of your gifts in. I used the theme of 2.0 (for example, 2.0 things to read: a non-fiction book and this Why You're So Awesome book) so each pair was put in a different box. Use tissue paper to help hide your gifts in the boxes. Wrap each smaller box with the second style of wrapping paper. Embellish with bows or ribbon or however else you like.

3. Put everything into the box and tie it close with ribbon (or you could tape it, but I didn't want him to ruin my amazing wrapping paper skills on that big box!). Tie a bunch of balloons on the top and volià!

One thing you could do that I didn't (because finals week is here) is to put the age the recipient is turning on the outside of the box. I want to do every year, but I always run out of time...

So there you have it! One easy way to give a memorable birthday present to someone you love :) Every year I'll share the Birthday Boxes I make for Caleb, and each year I hope it gets more creative!

An easy way to give someone special a memorable birthday gift: A Birthday Box!

An easy way to give someone special a memorable birthday gift: A Birthday Box!

An easy way to give someone special a memorable birthday gift: A Birthday Box!

An easy way to give someone special a memorable birthday gift: A Birthday Box!

An easy way to give someone special a memorable birthday gift: A Birthday Box!

An easy way to give someone special a memorable birthday gift: A Birthday Box!

An easy way to give someone special a memorable birthday gift: A Birthday Box!


Have you ever made a Birthday Box?


A Birthday Boy Interview!

Caleb's 20th Birthday Interview Yesterday was Caleb's last day before he ventures into his 20s. That means that today is his birthday! :) I have a surprise for him later today that you'll see on the blog tomorrow. So in honor of him beginning a new decade, we had a little interview.

How do you feel about turning 20?

Well it definitely sounds better.

That's it?!


What do you mean?

19 sounds like a baby, and 20 sounds like a man.

Do you feel older?

Kind of. I feel like 20 years ago should be in the 80s sometime.

What year of life has been your favorite so far?

This one.


Every year gets better. We're making dreams come true a little bit at a time.

Well, what have been your top three favorite memories of your life so far?

  1. Finding the most beautiful woman in the world and somehow getting her to like me.
  2. Fixing the mill with Daddy
  3. Going on long walks with Mommy and getting lost in the woods when I was little.

What are three lessons you've learned that you'd like to tell others?

Don't be like everyone else. The average man never becomes great. So if you want to be great, you can't be a follower. Your value as a person goes up when theres less people that can do what you do. If you think like everyone else, when you approach a problem, you won't have a solution that other people didn't already think of.

Don't reinvent the wheel. You're life is short, you don't have hundreds of years to become good at different things. So whenever you can absorb other people's experience, it's a good thing. Always keep your eyes open for people that are succeeding in your field and try to figure out what it is that makes them great and then copy them.

Don't listen to people that tell you that you can't do something. When I was first starting New-Tech Tooling, I needed a part made for my mill so I went to some of my teachers at school and asked if they knew of a student that could make it for me and I could pay them. When I told them the part was for a mill, they would say things like, "Don't waste your money", "This would be a great thing to do in 15 years" and one of them just busted out laughing at me. Then he said in front of his whole class, "Hey everybody, this kid's going to have his own shop!" Anyway, none of them really knew what they were talking about, because none of them had ever done it before. If I had listened to them and become discouraged, I would have missed out on all the success we're having now.

What are the top three goals you have for the next decade?

That's a long time. (Pause as he takes a think) Have children, become the top die mold shop in Minnesota...well, that's really all I want to do. At the end of the decade, I would like to start stepping back from the business a bit and have less to do with the day to day operations.

Do you plan on having any pets?

Yes! I'm going to have an Amstaff named Colonel Jefferson III...

But, he's not the third!

I don't care. I love that name! I also want two labs, a boy and girl, named Diesel and Mia. I would also like a bloodhound named Otis. And a goat named Dude.

Well everyone looks like you'll be seeing some goat videos on here someday. Happy Birthday honey!