The Story Behind My Blog

How my blog got it's name and the story of how I got into blogging! The other day I realized that it has already been over six months since I started this little blog of mine. And in those six months, I don't think I ever told the story behind my blog or explained what the name The Kardia even means!

So when I stumbled upon Kiki's blog In It's Time yesterday, I discovered that the prompt for her monthly linkup this month is "the story of your blog name". I've been meaning to join in on The Circle linkups for a few months now, so what better time to begin than today!

I don't remember the exact time when I began reading blogs, but it was somewhere around the beginning of fall 2012. Back then, I read mainly home decor and craft sites like Centsational Girl (weird for a 17-year-old who lived in a dorm right?) and A Beautiful Mess. Around the fall of 2013 I stumbled upon blogs like Life Could Be a Dream and A Beautiful Exchange. I never commented though because I felt like needed a blog of my own.

As Christmas time came around, all I would talk about were blogs. Caleb told me that I should start one, but I would always brush him off. "Nah, I don't have enough to say" or "I don't have time, maybe when I'm older and have a house."

But my love for blogging just grew and grew until I finally gave in (I mean, who was I kidding? Was I really going to wait until I was in my mid-20s? I was only 18!). I bought the domain name in February 2014 but it took me all summer to get my blog design the way I wanted it and muster enough courage to post my first post in August.

Coming up with a blog name was really difficult for me. I knew right from the beginning that whatever name I choose was the name I was going to stick with for good. I wanted to build a brand, not just start a blog. After writing down every possible combination of lovely words I could think of, I began the process of elimination.

The funny thing is, the name I ultimately choose wasn't even on that original list!

The name was picked after I decided what the purpose of my blog was. When Caleb asked me, "What are you going to blog about?",  I had to really think of how to answer. Yes I wanted to blog about "life", but I also wanted to share date ideas and turn it into a database of some sort. I wanted to make printables and document our dates to give others inspiration to do their own. Knowing this, I decided that the name of the blog should have something to do with love.

Karida means heart in Greek

Somehow I ended up typing the words "heart in different languages" into Google, and that's when I found it. Kardia means heart in Greek. The Kardia. The heart. It was perfect.

While my blog has a different direction now than when I first started it, the meaning is still the same. The Kardia is a blog of encouragement and inspiration, written from the heart, with Christ at the center of it all. It gives energy to those seeking a life of purpose. It's a place where unconditional love is valued, simple moments in life are celebrated, and where I whole-heartedly believe in the promises of living a meaningful life.

Someday soon I hope to blog about date ideas (because I have a TON!), but right now I'm content with where my blog is at :)

The Kardia will grow and change just like I'll grow and change, but it'll always be my "heart".

The mission of The Kardia is...

To inspire and encourage young women to utilize the unique talents the Lord has given them to make their mark on the world. As a community of dream seekers, The Kardia aspires to support these women in their creative endeavors, personal relationships, business ventures, and all areas of life.

That's why I started this blog.



What's your story? Comment below or join the link-up! 




P.S. Learn how to write your own blog mission statement! (You really need one).