Top Gifts for Guys


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Gift Ideas for Men
Gift Ideas for Men

Every year I struggle with what to get the guys in my life. Men are so simple, but that's what makes it hard. Most of the time they want something like tools (which I have no idea which one to get, they're so picky!), something expensive (like a TV or computer), or they simply want nothing at all! Thankfully, there are some options when it comes down to this. Here's some my favorite items for guys that would make great Christmas, birthday, or anniversary gifts.

1. A Stunning Watch | Price Varies

JORD makes incredibly gorgeous wooden watches. The Dover Series (pictured above) is perfect for the man who likes to build things. With gears in full view and structured style, this self-winding automatic watch is sure to be on his wrist day in and day out. Check out JORD's full collection to find the right watch style for the man in your life (and you ladies as well!). Order before December 20, 2015 to get it in time for Christmas!

I've also partnered with JORD to giveaway a limited quantity of e-gift cards worth $35 each for the holidays! So if you've had your eye on one of these lovely wood watches, be sure to enter to get in on the savings. Entering is easy; click the link below - it will ask you for your email and your favorite JORD watch (so many to choose from) once you hit enter, your code will be emailed directly to you!

Get your $35 e-gift card here!

2. Dollar Shave Club | $3 – $9 per month depending on blade preference

Guys tend to use the same razor blade over and over because they're so expensive to buy repeatedly. The Dollar Shave Club solved that problem. Every month they send four high-quality razor blades straight to your door at an affordable price. The $6 razor is perfect and comes with free shipping! That’s less than you pay for Netflix! And as a bonus, women can use them too :) I got this for Caleb last year, and he loves it so much.

3. Gingham Tie | $19.99

A gingham tie is so classic and instantly brings an outfit up a notch. Get your man a nice tie to wear on some fancy dates with you. Or just dress up in your house. I mean, he’ll want to wear this tie even when he doesn’t have to.

4.Weekender Bag | $98

If your man travels often, consider gifting him a stylish, yet durable weekender bag. Everlane's quality is by far my top choice, as they show you transparent pricing right on their website. Meaning they show you how much it cost to make, and how much competitors are charging for the similar items. I have the reversible denim and black leather bag on my wishlist :)

5. Tommy John Trunks | $29 $26

Does your guy complain about, err, you know where? Consider gifting him something he'll be thankful for: super soft micro modal underwear. As with all Tommy John underwear, they come with a "No Wedgie Guarantee." No more complaints!

6. Thinsulate Gloves | $30 $11.99 Sale

Give your man a good, warm, stylish pair of gloves for the cold winter months. This pair features Thinsulate insulation, touchscreen friendly fingertips, ribbed cuffs, and a leather palm.

7. Box O' Balls | $9

Toss one of these balls into closets, gym bags, or smelly shoes and they'll do wonders to absorb noxious odors. Made of aromatic Eastern Red Cedar, they are a self-renewing non-endangered natural resource, meaning that they are reusable as well!

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The Perfect Last Minute Holiday Gift for the Ladies: JORD Wooden Watches

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The perfect holiday gift for ladies! JORD WOOD WATCHES #JORDWATCH

I'm going to let you in on a secret.

Gift-giving is a real struggle for me.

It's not that I don't know what type of things they like, but rather, I just want to make sure that their gift is something that they truly love. Do you ever feel the same way?

Last month my beautiful friend Noemi lost the watch she wore every day. And when she told me, I knew immediately what the perfect gift for her would be: A wooden watch from JORD.

The perfect holiday gift for ladies! JORD WOOD WATCHES #JORDWATCH

You may remember how I gifted a JORD watch to my dad on Father's Day and was amazed at the wonderful craftsmanship. These watches are made from a variety of natural and sustainably sourced wood from all across the globe, are extremely lightweight, and have a crystal clear face. Absolutely beautiful!

The perfect holiday gift for ladies! JORD WOOD WATCHES #JORDWATCH

Gifting the watch to Noemi was so much fun–her face lite up like it was already Christmas morning! The Sidney Series in Maple and Rose Gold is absolutely gorgeous. She gets so many compliments on it. It even has a stopwatch built in! This is not your regular everyday watch; it’s a unique and stylish accessory.

The perfect holiday gift for ladies! JORD WOOD WATCHES #JORDWATCH

JORD prides themselves on their prompt delivery with their aim to get the watch to you within 1 – 3 days with free worldwide shipping. It comes in a gorgeous wooden keepsake box, and you can even have the watch sized beforehand so it can be worn immediately!

So if you're looking for the perfect last-minute holiday gift for a special lady (or man!) in your life, I highly recommend checking out JORD's collection. I gave my boyfriend the Dover Ebony and Copper watch and he loves it so much! That one is a self-winding automatic, meaning that there is no battery–just the fact that you wear it helps make the gears work (which you can see through the face of the watch too, btw).

The watch I have an eye on is the Frankie Zebrawood and Champagne watch. It is so luxurious and minimalistic!

I’ve also partnered with JORD to giveaway a limited quantity of e-gift cards worth $35 each for the holidays! So if you’ve had your eye on one of these lovely wood watches, be sure to enter to get in on the savings. Entering is easy; click the link below – it will ask you for your email and your favorite JORD watch (so many to choose from) once you hit enter, your code will be emailed directly to you!

Get your $35 e-gift card here!

Don't forget to share your pictures with the hashtag #JORDWATCH. Enjoy! ;)

Which JORD watch is your favorite? Share it with me in the comments below!


Gift Guide: For the Lovely Lady

2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Her | The Kardia Blog The third gift guide this week is for the lovely lady. I was originally going to make this gift guide for the homebody, but I kept on coming up with more girly/classy things. So, this gift guides is for her: the lovely lady who keeps herself together while still having fun ;)

1. Fujifilm Instax Mini | $72.99

Instant cameras are all the range today. They're perfect for documenting life as it's happening and then sharing them instantly. The size of the prints are perfect for scrapbooking or using as decorations. If I got one this Christmas, I'd definitely use them as decorations on a table, like this!

2. Mug | $25

Every women loves a good mug. Some may even have quite the collection of them! The gold lip on this china mug makes a cute statement, even when it's early in the morning.

3. Appointment Calendar | $26

Calendars and planners are a woman's best friend! Rifle Paper Co. has a great selection of 2015 calendars available! If you're more into travel photos, HopeEngaged just released her travel calendar on Etsy.

4. A Chic Candle | $30

Candles make any house feel warm and cozy during the winter months. Light a few during the evening and relax to the scent wafting through the house. This candle is the perfect home addition!

5. Glass Shadow Box | $24+

These beautiful glass shadow boxes will show off her gorgeous accessories. The linen-lined interiors keep everything scratch free and the classic look of the boxes add a sense of charm to the room.

6. The Eureka! Book | $35

This fun book is a whole compilation of fun DIY projects, frameable art, stickers, wrapping paper, recipes, and so much more! It makes a great gift for the crafty gal!

eureka (image via)

7. Weekender Bag | $120

This is a must-have item. The Lo and Sons weekender bag comes in five different colors, fits just about everything you could need for three days, and even has a separate compartment at the bottom for shoe storage. How perfect is that!

weekender2 (image via)

8. Cozy Socks | $16.50 (if you hurry, you can get 30% off with the code GETFESTIVE!)

People always think socks are the worst gift to receive. Maybe they are when you're a kid, but as an adult some nice, warm socks are always appreciated! J. Crew's Authentic Camp Socks  are classic, cozy, and perfect for wearing in boots during this time of year.

9. L.L. Bean Boots | $109

Speaking of boots, investing in a great pair of winter boots that will hold up for years is a great thing to do. L.L. Bean Boots are handsewn in Maine and are perfect when tromping through snow.

What are your gift ideas for women?



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Gift Guide: For the Manly Man

Perfect gift ideas for him! The man in your life will surely love these gifts! | The Kardia Blog Men are hard to shop for sometimes. But if you just take the time to think and look, there are actually so many great gift ideas for him. I'm tired of seeing all those boring gift guides for men with overpriced, random things they don't need or want. So today I took the time to carefully choose some useful, practical gifts that the men in your life are sure to enjoy! Take a look...

1. Subscription to the Dollar Shave Club | $3 - $9 per month depending on blade preference

Ladies. Trust me on this one! What guy wants to overpay to get a decent razor? Sign them up for the Dollar Shave Club. They deliver great blades right to your doorstep every month for just a few bucks. No more schlepping to the drugstore and no more overpriced, ridiculous shave tech that you don't need. The $6 razor is perfect and comes with free shipping! That's less than you pay for Netflix! Women can use them too :) Plus, their video ad is hilarious (that's what all my guy friends say!)

2. Charcoal Soap | $6

The true value of activated charcoal is its ability to remove toxins and impurities from your body. This is why an activated charcoal bar soap is great at helping solve troubled skin problems. RightSoap makes this soap with natural ingredients and the finest oils and butters. This is the perfect stocking stuffer for your man!

3. Gingham Tie | $59.50 (if you hurry, you can get 30% using the code GETFESTIVE !)

A gingham tie is so classic and instantly brings an outfit up a notch. Get your man a nice tie to wear on some fancy dates with you. Or just dress up in your house. I mean, he'll want to wear this tie even when he doesn't have to.

4. Touchscreen Gloves | $45

I live in Minnesota, so winter to us means snow, ice, and cold. Men need a good, warm, durable pair of gloves for when they're out snowblowing, shoveling, and even just holding the steering wheel! This pair is perfect, with a silicone grip and touchscreen capability.

 5. The Art of Manliness | $14.16

Authors Brett and Kate McKay wrote this book as a guide full of advice on how to be better husbands, fathers, and men. It even takes its lessons from classic gentlemen such as Benjamin Franklin and Theodore Roosevelt. This book includes useful things to know and learn, such as how to perform a fireman's carry, start a fire without matches, predict the weather like a frontiersman, live a well-balanced life, and so much more! Be sure to check out The Art of Manliness website too!

6. A Tablet | Price Varies

If your guy loves techy gadgets, a tablet is the way to go! Easy to carry and super functional, this is something he'll use throughout the day!

7. Multi-Tool Keychain | $36.85

My grandpa's favorite Christmas gift was a multi-tool keychain. He uses it for everything! This gift is nice because your man can keep it with him at all times. This one includes 9 tools: a knife, wood/metal file, bottle opener, needlenose pliers, regular pliers, scissors, flat/Phillips screwdriver, medium screwdriver, and wire cutters.

8. A Huge Water Bottle | $32.95

I bought this for Caleb's birthday and he LOVES it. He drinks a ton of water and didn't like having to constantly fill up one of those small water bottles. This stainless steel bottle from Kleen Kanteen holds a whopping half gallon! With its extra wide mouth, your man won't have to worry about having to sip at his water. And if a huge bottle isn't your thing, Kleen Kanteen offers a variety of sizes and styles :)

9. Mophie Juice Pack | Price Varies depending on model of phone

Don't you hate it when your phone dies? Give your man the gift of power (battery power that is) with a battery pack for his phone. A Mophie Juice Pack can virtually double your battery life, giving you more hours to talk, text, listen to music, and surf the web.

 What are you planning to give the men in your life this holiday?


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Gift Guide: For the Blogger

2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Bloggers | Tons of ideas on the Kardia Blog! The Holiday season is finally here! :) I've loved reading gift guides ever since I was a litte girl. I love deciding on the perfect present for each person. So when I was brainstorming ideas for gift guides this year, the first thing I thought of were gift ideas for bloggers. Of course, all these ideas appeal to me personally, but I hope that maybe it can help inspire some of the special people in our lives when they're choosing out some gifts. So send this link to your boyfriend/hubby as a little "hint hint wink wink" ;) You might even add a few to your wishlist!

1. Fotostrap | $85

This is definitely on my wishlist! With photography being such a huge part of blogging nowadays, a strong camera strap is a must. I'm tired using the Canon strap that came with my DSLR. Fotostrap offers so many different designs of 100% genuine leather and canvas fabric camera straps. You can even get them monogrammed with a saying or your name!

2. Blog, Inc. | $12.58

Whether you're a beginner blogger or have been blogging for years, Blog, Inc. is a great resource and tool. It covers everything from the basics, like domain, web hosting, design, and clearly explains more advanced things like monetizing and working with companies.

3. BKR water bottle | $30

I absolutely LOVE my BKR water bottle. I get compliments on it everywhere I go and would recommend it to everyone. It's easy to carry, comes in a variety of colors, and is super fashionable!

4. iPad mini | $399

While a laptop is great, sometimes you just need something lighter to carry around. An iPad mini allows you to keep up with blogging, emails, and social media on the go, all while syncing to your Mac and iPhone as well!

5. Nate Berkus throw blanket | $29.99

Every blogger needs a nice blanket to throw around their shoulders while they're blogging or sitting on the couch. This one from the Nate Berkus line at Target is super cute!

6. A blog planner | $16

Keep your blog organized while being chic by using the Heart and Arrow Design blog planner! This is perfect for scheduling posts for the week. My favorite feature is the reminders for posting on social media, commenting, and even keeping up with your blog roll!

7. A pretty vase (with flowers in it!) | $9.49 + flowers (don't forget the flowers!)

Every bloggers desk should be brightened up by some beautiful flowers (they make for good photos!). So looking for the perfect surprise gift for your blogger? Consider a nice vase with flowers.

8. Baron Fig notebook | $16

This is the notebook for creatives. The Baron Fig notebook was made to help you unleash your creativity and get your ideas down on paper. It simple design is the perfect blank canvas to begin dreaming with.

9. Hunter boots | $148

Oh so fashionable, but still so useful, every fashionable blogger should have a pair of nice rain boots at least once in their lifetime! I personally love the style of Hunter wellies. My problem is, I don't know what color to get! ;)

What do you think bloggers would love?


Packing for Operation Christmas Child

My Operation Christmas Child packing process! | The Kardia Blog Happy Friday! :) Last week I shared about Operation Christmas Child and how I'm participating in the #OCCBlogShare. Today I'm super excited to be able to show you what I packed in my shoebox gift :)

This year, I chose to pack a box for a boy in the 10-14 age range because that age group receives the least amount of boxes. If, for whatever reason, they don’t have boxes for them, they usually are given either Boy 5-9 or Girl boxes.  That breaks my heart. An older boy deserves to receive gifts that they can use and cherish just as much as younger children do. Many people decide to pack for a younger child because they're easier to choose gifts for, and they may have children around that age. Honestly, packing for an older boy is just as much fun! :)

My Operation Christmas Child packing process! | The Kardia Blog

Here's what I included:

Operation Christmas Child box for a BOY 10-14:

  • Soccer ball
    • I decided to start with a fun item that would be the central gift of the box. Boys LOVE balls, especially soccer balls. I want him to open the box and find a gift that he can immediately enjoy and have fun with.
  • Pump for the soccer ball
    • To get the ball to fit in the box, I had to deflate it, so I included a pump so he can actually use the ball.
  • Hand powered flashlight
    • This is a useful gift that is still really cool. Instead of getting a regular old flashlight and sending over some batteries, I bought him a hand powered one. It's super bright and all it needs is a few cranks and it's good to go! It even comes with a carabiner clip, so he can have it with him everywhere he goes.
  • Men's travel cosmetic kit
    • This travel sized kit include a toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream, razor, deodorant, mouthwash, and a plastic reusable pouch. I took out the shaving cream because it was in a can that might explode, and I bought an extra tube of toothpaste because the small tube won't last very long.
  • Bar of soap
  • School pouch
  • Scissors
  • Notebook
  • Box of pens
  • Packet of pencils
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Two packs of gum

I packed all of this into a clear, plastic bin with latching handles. A plastic bin is so useful, and he can use for other things once he's taken his gifts out of it!

If you want to see what I packed and how I packed it, check out my packing process in the video below! Just hit play! :)

(Note: I added the pencils and gum after I made the video)

Packing a box was so much fun, and I can't wait to do it again next year! I hope to volunteer in the distribution center again too, just like I did in high school. I love seeing all the shoeboxes getting ready to be shipped off to the welcoming arms of boys and girls. If you packed a box this year, I encourage you to link up with Haley of A Beautiful Exchange and join in on the #OCCBlogShare fun!

OCC Blog Share Button

What gender/age group do you like to pack for? Have you ever volunteered at the distribution center?


P.S. Today is me and Caleb's 3 year dating anniversary!! :D Take a look at some of our couple's photos a friend of mine took!

Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child | The Kardia Blog

Happy Friday everyone! :) I don't know about you, but when the time changed last Sunday all I can think about now is how close we are to the holidays! Thanksgiving, Christmas, friends, family, food, giving, happiness, sparkle, smiles - it all makes me so happy! I can feel the joy in the air, and I just want to spread that joy and love to everyone. So, today I am really excited to share about something that I love to do to spread joy during the holiday season to those who may not otherwise experience it.
A few weeks back, Hayley from A Beautiful Exchange invited a bunch of bloggers to participate in an Operation Christmas Child linkup. Operation Christmas Child (OCC) is a charity project sponsored by Samaritan's Purse. Every year, thousands of people pack up a simple shoe box (or plastic box) and fill it with gifts that are gender and age appropriate. When packing your box, you can choose whether you'd like to send it to a girl or boy, and pick an age group (2-4, 5-9, or 10-14 years old). Once you pack your box, you can drop it off at your nearest drop-off location and from there, the gifts are distributed to children that wouldn't have had the chance to receive a gift for Christmas!
But even if you don't have time to shop for and pack a box, you can still share God's love to these children! Operation Christmas Child has this neat opportunity to build a shoebox online! You can select items from a list of gifts and even add a personal letter and photo. Your "virtual" shoebox will then become a real shoebox, as Samaritan's Purse will pack it and ship it for you! How cool is that?

Pack a virtual box for Operation Christmas Child! | The Kardia Blog

If this is your first time participating and you don't know where to start, Hayley has made a wonderful document with everything you need to know! Participating in OCC is an amazing experience. Caleb and I are super excited to go shopping for items to include in our box this weekend! Next Friday I'll be sharing what we included and show a little more of my packing process. I encourage you to join us using the hashtag #OCCBlogShare and linking up your packing process post next week!
Join us as we share God's love and change lives through the power of a simple gift.
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Have you ever participated in Operation Christmas Child before?


P.S. Have you ever heard of Project Impact?