Five Frugal Fall Activities

Needing to save money for the holiday season? Make the most of the rest of your fall bucket list by enjoying these five frugal fall activities! Someone pinch me. Is it really November 2 already?! It still feels like it's early October and autumn was just beginning. But now the days are getting shorter, the air crisper, and I'm getting the urge to bake warm goods because there's a seasonal change up ahead. One where, from November to April, we hibernate in our cozy houses.

But don't let it happen just yet! There's still time to finish that fall bucket list and enjoy the last few warm days of the year. Yesterday, the temperature here got up into the mid-70s, and today's forecast is 81! Granted, that's more like summer weather, but still. Even if you're saving up for all the holiday shopping that'll happen within the next two months, you can still have loads of fun with those you love before winter hits.

To encourage you to get out and make the most of the last few days of autumn, here are my top five favorite frugal fall activities that show that you don't need lots of money to have a good time!

Five Frugal Fall Activities

1. Stroll through a cornfield maze with warm apple cider

While most cornfield mazes will have a cost, usually they are less than $10. That being said, many cornfield mazes are located at local farms or sites that have other frugal fall activities to do as well, making the trip well worth your dollar.

2. Make a twist on the classic caramel apple

Fall food is some of my favorite food. Use the abundance of apples available to experiment and bake some delicious desserts. You can go classic and try a bunch different toppings for your caramel apples or, you can add a twist and make an Apple and Cranberry Crumble. Chef Gordon Ramsay is one of the best, if not greatest, chefs in the world. So obviously this recipe is going to taste great if he's the one who created it, right? :)

3. Picnic and/or hammock in the park (or go camping!)

Although you may think of picnics as more of a spring or summer activity, the milder temperature and climate in fall can make for an enjoyable time outdoors. There's just something about getting out in nature while the leaves are changing. Soak up the beauty. Make some sandwiches and trail mix and head out to relax or have an adventure. Either way, be sure to take some deep breaths of the fall air.

4. Explore a new bike path

Biking is one of the best frugal fall activities because you don't have to worry about baking in the sun and sweating heavily when you're simply trying to get up a hill. If you're short on time, take your bikes out for a spin around the block after dinner. Or make a day out of it! Bring your bikes out to a local bike path that you've never been on and enjoy seeing the fall colors and your new adventure.

5. Attend a local community event

Many communities host fall fairs and festivals for free or a small price. I've found some of my favorite fall festivals just by going through the events that are being hosted on Facebook. You can also check out your newspaper or go online to your city website.

Hopefully this short list of frugal fall activities can inspire you to get out and enjoy the rest of fall without spending much money. I've found that the sweetest moments in life aren't found through material things, but by the people I spend time with and how we choose to spend that time together.

If you're still looking for more ways to save for this upcoming holiday season, using a free financial software to keep track of your finances is a great place to start!

How do you make the most of the fall season? What are some of your favorite frugal fall activities?