Date Idea: Back-To-School Lovin'

Back-to-School Lovin' Date DATE DETAILS


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Materials Needed: Printable Invitation, Printable Schedule (or make your own), Crayons, Scissors, Coloring Sheets, Food for lunch, Movie, M.A.S.H printable from the Dating Divas, Head of the Class Printable

For the past year I've been compiling an insanely long list of date ideas. Caleb and I finally decided that we need to make weekly date nights (I also call them date days, because we go on some of them on Friday afternoons) a habit. To keep us accountable, and to provide all of you with ideas for your own dates, every Friday on the blog I'll post information on last week's date.

To also make it easier for you to see the date info at a glance, I've included some icons: today's mean that there are free printables included and that it's a day date.

Since it's back-to-school time, we went on an elementary-school themed date! I combined ideas from Love, Actually and the Dating Divas, while also adding in some of my own. The date began when he found this beautiful, handwritten invitation sitting on the table ;)

Back-to-School Lovin' Date Invitation

Then, we compared class schedules. What a coincidence! We had the same classes! ;) I made the schedule in Word using a table, so you can easily make your own if you'd like. Some other ideas for class periods are Math: see who can finish a hard sudoku problem fastest, or Music: Play some musical instruments and do a sing-a-long.

Our first class period was Art, so I found printable Finding Nemo coloring pages online and we colored them using crayons. You could also use a coloring book if you have some available. Can you guess who colored which? ;)

Back-to-School Lovin' Date

For storytime, we took a trip to Barnes and Noble and wandered around the children's section, reminiscing about all of our favorite childhood books. Caleb found one of his favorites and read it outloud in the storytime chair.

Back-to-School Lovin' Date

After that was lunch, where we planned on going to the park for a picnic, but it was way too hot outside, so we stayed at home and ate there. Sometimes you have to improvise! It was still delicious :)

Because it was too hot outside, we had recess indoors, where we played some games. One was a more grown up version of M.A.S.H, and the other was a game called Head of the Class. Then, we finished with our last period, History. I thought that watching a movie during History was such a clever idea because that's always what happened when the teacher was gone when I was younger! We rented Big Hero 6 from Redbox.

Overall, this was such a fun date! It didn't all go according to plan, but hey, spontaneity makes life even more exciting :)

Do you go on dates with your significant other? What's a date idea that you're excited for?