Currently... // September 2015

Lincoln, Ne | Haymarket Reading / Cottage Hill Magazine. It is such a beautiful publication! The amazing photography, inspiring stories, and wonderful tips allow you to relax and get lost in the magazine. Their bio snippet sums up their mission and values in a nutshell: "Here, we value family, unconditional love and all of those old-fashioned traditions that honor the sacred wedding vows. We inspire forever marriages, celebrate elegant legacies and whole-heartedly believe in the promises of living a meaningful life."

Making / a hint box. My plan for it is to be used as a more for hinting at things we would love, but usually wouldn't ask for out loud, such as finding a handwritten note in a backpack or a certain meal for dinner. It can also be used for gift ideas for Christmas, birthdays, or any other time as well.

Pinning / entertaining ideas. I would love to have the chance to have friends over and make them food, decorate the place settings, and play great music while they mingle.

Anticipating / the weekend! I'm going home to go to the Minnesota State Fair with a bunch of my friends and can't be more excited about having a four-day weekend! Going to the State Fair is a tradition for most Minnesotans, and this is the first time in about three years that I'll be able to go again.

Loving / my Today & To-Do planner from Whitney English! I ordered it last May, but I'm finally getting around to using it consistently. It sure has helped me stay more focused and get things done. Definitely recommend it!

Wondering / how it's September already. Where did August go? I now understand why adults say that the years go by faster as you get older. They really do! I think making sure to take time to unwind and slow down from the day by going outside or switching up your daily routine can help make the days more meaningful and not blur together.

Collecting / vinyl records! Well, at least, I'm planning to start :) Caleb and I took a trip to Barnes & Noble last week and saw vinyls for sale. We've now decided that we're going to collect our favorite music on records so we can play them in a record player someday!

Praying / for many close friends in my life. They've shared with Caleb and I their struggles and wishes. I want them to be truly happy and seeing them long for that makes me hurt for them.

Writing / in my commonplace book. If you don't have one yet, you should definitely consider getting one. It's like paper Pinterest, but for thoughts, quotes, and inspirational tips.

Attempting / to remember the names of new people I meet. I'm really bad at this, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Planning / date time! :) Every Friday afternoon is Date...Day? Saying "date night" sounds strange when we're actually doing it during the daytime. I have plans to share our previous dates as ideas for you on the blog every Friday – complete with printables and suggestions for having even more fun!

What’s currently happening in your life? What are you making / anticipating this month? Come linkup with Jenna and Anne for the currently linkup each month! :)

What are you currently attempting / loving this month?