Currently... // July 2015

#jordwatch Craving / ice cream, of course :)

Grilling / nothing at the moment, so that needs to change! I really want to try some grilled zucchini with lemon salt. Yum!

Listening / to the birds chirp outside in the morning. It's so peaceful and quiet in these moments when the sun just rose and everyone's waking up.

Planning / lots and lots of date nights! I'm so excited to get back into the routine of weekly dates! One on the top of my list is going for a gondola ride!

Decorating / my dream house on Pinterest. I'm really loving the mid-century modern look of furniture and decoration at the moment. I hope this trend sticks around for a while!!

Volunteering / to pick out invasive species of plants, such as wormwood and burdock, out of a park. While the volunteering was a requirement for my summer school class, it was still a lot of fun!

Looking / forward to this big business project Caleb and I have planned. I think you guys will love it! I'll be sharing the whole thing at the end of the month :) Hint: Kickstarter.

Going / to San Antonio, Texas next week! There's a big conference for the Seventh-Day Adventists, and there's a whole lot to see, hear, and do down there. Exciting!!

Finding / the most delicious, tiny sandwich shop using Siri. All I did was ask her where we should eat, and she recommended this amazing nearly five star sandwich joint! Best. Sandwiches. Ever!

Discovering / that even though I love being up early, waking up at 6am everyday is difficult only if you don't go to sleep early enough. :/ I think I need to change that...

Loving / these wooden watches! I gave one to my dad for Father's Day, and he absolutely loved it!

What’s currently happening in your life? What are you grilling / planning this month? Come linkup with Jenna and Anne for the currently linkup each month! :)