Leave Your Mark

How will you leave your mark on the world?

I love encouraging others to live a life they are proud of. One where they flourish with purpose and make intentional choices everyday. Life is a gift and we can't waste this beautiful time we are given. It breaks my heart to hear about people whose lives were taken much too early. A few months ago I wrote of how the life and death of a girl I never met impacted me.

And I'm still thinking about it to this day. In fact, I think of it every day! Because I'm constantly trying to figure out:

How will I leave a mark on the world?

Will I be inspiration to others? Will I change someone's life? Will I make the world a better place? These questions run through my head. Being relatively young (still not 20 yet!), I realize I still have a whole lifetime ahead of me. But this isn't something you put off until the last minute. Leaving a mark requires living a lifestyle that'll help make that happen. To begin, you need to honestly evaluate your life from the heart.

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Are you proud of the way you live?

We've all made bad choices. But we've also all made some good ones too. It's easy to get caught up in what's "popular" or "cool" or do something just because everyone else is. Think about it though. Is the way you're living right now something you're proud to tell anyone you meet?

What do you want to be known for?

Honesty? Trustworthiness? Kindness? Hospitality? Maybe you want to be known for an accomplishment of some sort, or for your catchy encouraging spirit. I know I have many virtues that I want to bestow and actively live out, and many of you probably do too.

How can you help others?

Giving back and helping others brings out a feel good spirit in you. Giving thanks for what we've been given helps us realize how blessed we are. Volunteering time, money, and effort can make a much bigger impact on someone's life than you might ever realize. There are even great ways to give back while simplifying your life at the same time!

What is one thing you what to see change in the world?

I want to see chivalry and random acts of kindness become everyday habits. I want people to have healthy, happy, loving marriages. I want everyone to be happy! While I might not be able to single-handedly change the world (who am I kidding? Of course I can't do it alone!), my actions show what I'm passionate about and what I think are important. If you want something to change, act on it!

What can you share with others?

We all come from different backgrounds with different stories and different perspectives, which means we all have a whole lot to share! Don't keep it all in. Whether it's a story of how something changed your life or bits of wisdom that you've gathered, share it! Someone out there needs to hear what you have to say.

Live without pretending,

Love without depending,

Listen without defending,

Speak without offending.

How will you leave your mark?