I Will Flourish...Healthfully


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Healthy living is a big topic. It encompasses so many different areas of life and everyone's goals are personal and different, which is why it's this month's Flourish linkup topic. Your health goals are one way to becoming the best version of yourself.

I'm really excited to read your posts on this topic, because it sure was one of my favorites! The linkup will be open until next Thursday, so feel free to add your post in anytime before that! I’d love to hear from you! :)

P.S. My goal is to someday do a headstand on a paddleboard, just like in the photo above ;)

 10 Things I Am Grateful For:

  1. A home with family I love
  2. Phones, to talk to loved ones far away
  3. Fresh fruit
  4. Sleep and rest
  5. Ice cream :)
  6. Memories
  7. Long walks on Sunday mornings
  8. Community
  9. The different shapes of the clouds
  10. Wisdom from others

I will flourish healthfully this year by

Being intentional about what I eat. Over this past year I've become more aware about what I'm putting into my body. What you eat has a dramatic effect on how your body functions. Because I'm a firm believer in living a healthy lifestyle, you must read this post by my good friend Gina on 5 truths for healthy living. I'm taking her third tip to heart – my longterm goal is to eat a delicious, healthy, organic, plant-based diet that will help me reach my fitness goals.

Improving my strength and flexibility. In my Currently... post on Wednesday I mentioned that I’m focusing on improving my flexibility and getting stronger through weight lifting. Right now I'm doing at-home routines and in a few months Caleb and I will join Gold's Gym. Our goal is to build enough strength and endurance so that we can join a CrossFit gym later on.

Getting a better night's sleep. I wrote a post a few months back on ways you can ensure a more restful night. Sticking to a sleep schedule can help balance your circadian rhythms and cause you to feel more energized. So even though it's summer, I've been (trying) to go to sleep between 9-10pm and wake up at 6am to get a head start on the day and enjoy the first hours of daylight. My plan is to continue that, even once I head back to college in the fall.

Spending more time outdoors being active. I love the outdoors! Especially when I'm out being active and enjoying nature at the same time. Things such as bike riding, hiking, and canoeing are some of my favorites. I want to make sure I spend more time be active outdoors rather than just laying out in the sun.


Last month we wrote on how we planned to flourish emotionally.  One of my goals was to exercise more patience. By actively trying to live out a list of 50 values to renew in your life, patience has slowly become easier to manage. Instead of nagging people when we're going to be late or getting frustrated when something is taking too long, I've learned to calmly wait and even enjoy the few extra moments that I'm given by making the best of every situation, another one of my goals.

Things don't always go as planned, but a positive attitude can change everything! I’m really glad I took time to focus on flourishing emotionally, because whether it’s an area of life that most people don't actively think about trying to improve.

Next month’s prompt is how you will flourish in your daily habits and routines. Examples would include: simplifying your morning routine or work routine, how you spend your free time, a daily schedule to stick to, etc. If you’re new to the linkup, you can find all of the details right here! I hope you join us sometime, because I’d love to read what you have to say!

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The linkup will go live the first Friday of every month at 6 am CST. You’ll be able to submit your take on the week’s prompt, as well as discover how other’s are planning to Flourish in the different aspects of their lives! My hope is that this linkup will encourage you to take steps, however big or small, towards becoming the best version of yourself. Don’t aim for perfection, but refine what works for you. Here’s to Flourishing in 2015!

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