Time to Refresh Your Life

Come join the Summer Refresh Challenge to get a fresh start on being the best you possible. May has always been one of my favorite months. Maybe it's because it's a tease of summer, or that flowers are blooming on every corner. Maybe it's because school is wrapping up and we can finally relish being in the great outdoors again after a long winter.

In a way, May is a lot like January. Yes, the temperatures are different, but May can give you that sense of a fresh start, just like the New Year does.

When summer begins, daily routines are different. There are vacations, days off from work, barbeques, picnics, festivals, fairs, and so much more. May is the beginning of a season that is full of possibilities.

I realize that I have been absent from this space for the past few weeks. At first, it was due to finals and a crazy schedule. Then I tried to blame it on a lack of inspiration. But what began unintentional quickly became an intentional step back.

I purposely decided to take some time off from the blogging world to focus more on what's happening right in front of me. I used this time to relax as well as think of all the possibilities ahead. And that got me excited :)

You see, now is the time to take that step and begin to refresh your life. Summer is the perfect time to chase your dreams and make them a reality. And I need your help.

I'm planning on creating a Summer Refresh Challenge to help you get where you want to be. Do you want to simplify your life, but needs small, practical steps to help you get started? Do you want to capture more memories through your camera, but don't know what or how to photograph? Do you want to find your inner creative and need prompts to get those creative juices flowing? The Summer Refresh Challenge will help you do that and more!

So here's where I need your help:

I'd like you to either email, tweet, or comment ideas and things you want to do this summer. Your goals, really. For example:

  • Buy yourself flowers and display them on the table.
  • Complete an Instagram challenge
  • Learn how to streamline your wardrobe
  • Read more inspiring books
  • etc.

I'll create a fun, daily challenge (there will be multiple challenges each day to keep you well rounded and provide you with some flexibility and choice) to help you reach your goals in areas such as Business, Blog, Relationships, Faith, Health, Creativity, Simplicity, etc. I'll also write my blog posts with the intention of providing you with tips to help you complete each task.

So please send me your suggestions on what you'd like to refresh in your life this summer. I'll be posting the challenge on Sunday, June 14 and it will continue for two months, ending on Friday, August 14. I'm personally really excited about this Refresh Challenge.

For now, I'll be slowing getting back into my blogging routine. You can expect around 2-3 blog posts a week until the Summer Refresh Challenge goes out and 3-4 a week for the rest of the summer.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!