Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog When You're Bored

If you ever find yourself with a spare 10 minutes or longer, try some of these easy blog boosters to expand your online presence. #blog #blogtipsWe all have those days when we feel bored, uninspired, or lacking energy to create a post – and that's totally okay! You can still use your downtime to promote your blog in small ways. If you ever find yourself with a spare 10 minutes or longer, try some of these easy blog boosters to expand your online presence:

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Create, maintain, and edit a list of blog topic ideas

Even before I started my blog I had a Google Doc called "Blog Post Ideas". I still use it to this day! Whenever I have an idea pop into my head, I write it down. I've found that using Google Drive works better (for me at least) than a notebook because it's synced with the cloud and I can access it both on my phone and computer. If you're feeling bored, use this time to jot down some ideas for upcoming blog posts. I find some of my greatest inspiration by reading magazines or simply browsing the web.

Reach out to a blogger you admire

Making blog friends is one of the best things about blogging! Don't be afraid to send a friendly email to a blogger you admire or one you have been following for a long time.

Comment on other blogs

Networking with other bloggers is one of the best ways to boost blog traffic. Take an hour to read through other blogs and leaving genuine comments on posts you love. If you're not totally in love with the post or the blog, then don't comment. It's better to be genuine and make connections with those you click with than to just leave your link and run.

Repin old posts onto relevant Pinterest boards (again)

Pinterest is such a great referral source. While pins will continually show up in search results and get repinned, it doesn't hurt to do some extra promotion ;) Go through your archives and pin your images to relevant boards, even if you've pinned it there before. You've most likely gained some followers between now and then who haven't been exposed to that amazing post of yours!

Make your images Pinterest friendly

In the blogging world, it's really important to have visually appealing images. And, we have to admit, sometimes our old posts aren't very Pinterest-worthy. Maybe your blog style changed (or you discovered it!) or the photos are just plain outdated. Go through your old posts and check to see if the photos/graphics match the branding of your blog.

Follow new people on Twitter and Instagram

Growing your audience can be as easy as finding and following other like-minded people. Take a few spare minutes to follow some new people and comment/like/send them a tweet. It’s important to interact with other people online if you want to get noticed!

Discover your social media influence

If you haven't done so already, sign up for Klout to determine your social media influence. Klout is designed to help you understand and leverage your influence on different social networks. Advertising agencies use it to identify influencers that would be great at promoting their products.

Make your pitch list

When you have some free time, sit down and come up with a pitch list. Think of dream brands you would like to work with, brands that would be a good fit to work with you now, and ideas for guest posts/collaborations with other bloggers. Once you have a few ideas, go ahead and contact them! The worst that could happen would be them saying no. And even if they do, the fact that you'd tried shows that you're serious about your blog and want to leverage it in the best way possible. So don't be afraid! Take the chance! :)

Schedule social media promotion of old posts

Most of the time, only your most popular posts will be revisited. But what about the rest of your archives? Take a few minutes to go through your archives and schedule each one for some social media promotion. Personalize your tweets and Facebook shares using Hootsuite or Buffer (I prefer Buffer, as it's minimal and more aesthetically pleasing). Try to schedule them out over a long period of time, especially if you've been blogging for over a few years. Once every few days should be fine, since you'll still be promoting your current posts.

What do you do in your free time to promote your blog?


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