April Goals

April Goals Well, April is in full spring now. The forecast for the next few days is cloudy and rainy. But, just like the saying says, I can't wait for those May flowers! I already saw some buds and a few tulips blooming!

April is such a great month. Not only is it the last full month until summer break, but it's also Caleb's birthday month! With all this nice weather coming up, I get more and more excited about doing things I love (like blogging and crafting). My productivity spikes when I'm happy!

March Recap:

BlogTake more of my own pictures (now that the weather is nice, I have no excuse!)

You'll be seeing more photos within the next month! I almost forgot how much I love photography.

RelationshipsSend out handwritten notes/letters to friends and family

You guys, I am SO in love with writing letters. My roommate and I are leaving love notes over town at random places. It's a lot of fun! I also sent a few notes to some friends these past few weeks (including my friend Gina!) and I would love to send you some too.

If you'd like a note, just comment below and I'll email you to get your address. :)

Faith – Begin thinking of ideas to help teach the children’s Sabbath School

Still in progress (we aren't for sure teaching the Sabbath School yet)

Creativity – Do 3 DIY projects

Haha I'm laughing at myself a little right now because I have all the supplies for all three projects ready to go, yet I've made 0 of them. No excuse for this month then, right?

HealthBegin taking walks with Caleb now that the temperature is getting warm again!

There's nothing more relaxing than going on a nice evening stroll with your best friend.

Business – Purchase domain and set up email; continue to expand ideas

Honestly, this just got pushed to the end of my to do list. Plus, I don't really have money to put towards this yet...but the ideas! The ideas keep coming ;)

April Goals

Blog – Update photos on pages

Relationships – Send out MORE handwritten notes/letters to friends and family

Faith – Print out my list of 50 Values to Renew in Your Life, pick a word, and do a study on that word.

Creativity – Design a print in Illustrator

Health – Cook healthy homemade meals

Business – Purchase domain and set up email; continue to expand ideas

What are some of your April goals? Comment below if you'd like to receive a handwritten note from yours truly! :)