March Goals

March GoalsI'm always amazed at how quickly months go by. I'm over halfway through my spring break already! Thankfully, it's finally starting to feel like spring :) I can't wait for long walks, naps in hammocks, longer days, blooming flowers, and chirping birds to wake me up. Spring is finally here! February Recap:

BlogParticipate in another Twitter chat

I caught the end of a great #Fireworkpeople chat! :) I'm excited to get more involved as my schedule clears up these next few months.

Relationships – Finish reading The 5 Love Languages together

We aren't quite finished yet, but I can say that I've loved reading through this book. Caleb likes it too, but not as much as me ;) I'm thinking of making a printable of a bunch of ways to fulfill each love language, as a reference.

FaithMemorize 5 Bible verses

I'm taking a class called Jesus and the Gospels this semester, and it has taught me so much! I grew up in a Christian home, so I knew all of the stories, but reading each gospel straight through introduces you so much more! I memorized the Beatitudes (I only knew a select few before), John 1:16, and Lamentations 3:22-23.

Creativity – Take time and sketch out ideas

I'm really sad that I didn't make time for this goal, but the longer days make me feel more creative, so I'm hoping to make some time to draw this month.

HealthEat more fruits and veggies

Fruits are my favorites; veggies, not so much. Although over the years I've grown to like vegetables cooked into my meals, so that's a good thing :)

BusinessFinish logo and business set designs

Done! I love the finished designs and can't wait to share more of the business as things progress. You can check out the business moodboard to get a feel for the look and aesthetic.

March Goals

Blog – Take more of my own pictures (now that the weather is nice, I have no excuse!)

Relationships – Send out handwritten notes/letters to friends and family

Faith – Begin thinking of ideas to help teach the children's Sabbath School

Creativity – Do 3 DIY projects

Health – Begin taking walks with Caleb now that the temperature is getting warm again!

Business – Purchase domain and set up email; continue to expand ideas

What are some of your March goals?