Currently... // March 2015

Currently...March 2015 Dreaming / of spring! I'm really looking forward to next week. I'll be on spring break, the days will start to get longer, and the weather will be in the 50s and 60s! I feel so much more energized and productive when the days are warm and long.

Planning / something special for a special man who reads my blog. Let's just say it has something to do with the word Hawkins. Can you guess it? ;)

Making / a really cool photo background! It's going to help make my photos look great indoors!

Baking / my favorite blueberry muffins. I got the recipe from my teacher back in high school when she brought a batch of them to class one day. They're soooo good!

Watching / The Wonder Years every day with Caleb. It's become our tradition to watch this series while we eat supper every night. We're almost done with it though :(

Feeling / a little frazzled. I have so much going on this week before I go home for break. I have multiple tests, meetings, projects, and events to attend. The good news is that it's Wednesday and I'm almost through the week! :)

Hearing / the birds chirp outside in the morning!

Appreciating / my best friends :)

Needing / a lightweight jacket for spring. It seems like all I have are big coats and sweaters. I'm thinking of getting this one from the North Face, because what Minnesotan doesn't own a North Face jacket?

Discovering / my love for graphic design. I just signed up for the student rate of Adobe CC on Sunday and now I just want to spend my days messing around and creating things!

Chuckling / at this tweet I posted on Sunday. When I read it again the next morning, I realized that I needed the tweet for myself more than I intended to share it with others. It's been a busy week :)

What’s currently happening in your life? What are you dreaming / planning this month? Come linkup with Jenna and Anne for the currently linkup each month! :)


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