35 Ways to Improve Your Blog

Keep your blog up to date and improve your reach! #blogtips Blogging is a quickly growing industry. In the last few years it's become a standard for businesses to run a blog and nearly any question you have can be answered from a blog post. With all these changes and growth happening, it also means that you need to keep your blog up to date–and I'm not just talking about post frequency! Keeping your blog current with the times shows that you care about your space on the internet. Taking just a few minutes today to improve your blog's look and feel can dramatically improve it's future.

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  1. Remove Google Friend Connect and use Google+ instead.
  2. Purchase your domain (no more .blogspot or .wordpress!)

  3. If you're on WordPress, always update all your plugins.
  4. Make your Categories or Archives in the sidebar a dropdown menu or a short, simple list.
  5. Don't use centered text. Either right align or justify it.
  6. Remove any following counters. They just take up unnecessary space.
  7. Simplify your footer. Decide what needs to be included and either delete or move anything else.
  8. Add a social sharing widget such as Shareaholic or AddThis.
  9. Add a hover Pin It button.
  10. Remove obnoxious pop-up ads. Even the most loyal readers dislike clicking "close" every time.
  11. Make sure you have a disclosure policy, terms of service, and privacy policy.
  12. Make sure all graphics are Pinterest worthy and replace graphics from old posts. The optimal size for images are at least 735 pixels wide. The height can be adjusted according to your needs, but taller images are more likely to get repinned.
  13. Make sure your font is big enough and dark enough to read.
  14. Space widgets evenly in the sidebar. Whitespace is your friend!
  15. Get a handle on your stats. Set up Google Analytics to track important statistics like unique visitors (users) and pageviews. Also, did you know that you can check Twitter Analytics?
  16. Proof-read your posts. Don't just rely on spellcheck.
  17. Link back to your own posts within another relevant post.
  18. Join a blogging community! I recommend The Peony Project.
  19. Create a Gravatar account to display your avatar beside your comments.
  20. Use Alt tags on images.
  21. Make external links open in a new tab. If a user clicks on a link and it takes them to a new site, they might not come back to yours! So check the box that says "open link in new tab" or add target="_blank" after the Alt tag.
  22. Set up a business blog email.
  23. Make images fit the width of your content/post. For example, if your content is 650px wide make your photos at least 650px wide. Everything will look cleaner with your text and photos lined up on both sides of the page.
  24. Write in a conversational tone.
  25. If you have a lot of affiliate and group buttons, move them to a separate page.
  26. Set up an RSS feed and have an option for people to get your posts mailed to their email.
  27. Move your "daily blog reads" list to a new page instead of listing it in the sidebar.
  28. Move your ads around to find the best locations.
  29. Streamline your images. Making images more cohesive and recognizable increases the chance that they'll be shared on social media! It also improves the overall look and feel of your blog "brand".
  30. Write a blog mission statement.
  31. Use Disqus as a commenting system. One of the most commonly used commenting system, Disqus allows you to easily visit other blogs and keep up with who you need to reply to.
  32. Delete any Wordpress plugins that are unnecessary, as they slow down your blog's loading time.
  33. Make sure you have a search bar.
  34. Link to your favorite or most popular posts.
  35. Make sure your blog reflects who you are as a person. You'll enjoy blogging so much more if your blog is an extension of who you are!

Do you have any tips to improve your blog?


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