Currently... // February 2015

Currently...on The Kardia Hearting / pretty, simple desktop wallpapers. Kory made one perfect for Valentine's Day, and the one I'm currently using is the "It's cool to be kind" one found here on Design Love Fest.

Reading / HGTV Magazine. I love anything that has to do with home decor!

Pinning / fashion ideas, blog tips, home decor, and Valentine's day ideas! Haha I'm going to be sharing stories of our three previous Valentine's Day and how they didn't go as expected sometime next week. Storytime!

Eating / super yummy almond praline crunch ice cream! Read more about why down below :)

Anticipating / the very first Flourish linkup this Friday!! :) I'm really looking forward to reading everyone's post on how they plan to flourish in different areas of their lives. I encourage you to join in! The more, the merrier! :)

Disliking / getting stuck in the parking lot due to snow. It rained a lot then snowed on top of it, causing the college to have a snow day (yay!) but it also meant that digging out your car took 20+ mins.

Wishing / I had an unlimited grocery budget. Caleb and I went to Whole Foods the other day and realized that we couldn't really afford to much of anything. So we bought a pint of ice cream and ate the whole thing instead :)

Wanting / a puppy. So cute!

Designing / a logo for my (soon-to-be) business! I'm creating it for my graphic design class, but I'm using it as my own personal project. I'm so excited and can't wait to share more about it in the coming months!

Realizing / that friends come and go. People who you thought were some of your closest friends sometimes hurt you in a way that can't be fixed.

Beginning / the first steps to minimalism! I really want to be begin living a simple, more intentional life.

What’s currently happening in your life? What are you hearting / pinning this month? Come linkup with Jenna and Anne for the currently linkup each month! :)


P.S. Meet Caleb, a.k.a the man behind the blog!