Nurture - Relationship Goal for 2015

Nurture your relationship

Happy Monday everyone! :) I'm really thankful for college breaks because they're much longer than ones we got in high school. I still have one more week here at home! Speaking of high school, I had the chance to play volleyball on Saturday night for the first time since the volleyball tournament my senior year. And I am sore. Everything hurts! Guess I need to build up my arm strength again.

Anyways, back to the post for today. I'm super excited to be linking up our relationship goal for the month with Amberly, Charlene, and Rebecca. This year they've asked us choose a word to focus on for the entire year and set our goals with that word in mind.

I asked Caleb if he had any ideas for a word, and he did! A really good word too.


After hearing his explanation of why he picked that word, I knew it was the perfect word for us this year! The explanation went something like this:

A plant goes through stages. It begins as a seed, then it germinates and becomes a seedling. After that, it turns into a small plant, which then grows and matures into a full sized plant that bears fruit and seeds.

We're just like a plant.

We aren't a seed (in a new relationship) and we aren't a full sized plant (a married couple who's been together a long time). Since we are past the seedling phase, we're like a small plant; one that needs a lot of fertilization and care because they aren't very strong yet and animals like to eat them.

What we need to do as a couple is strengthen our relationship and become more like a team because it will make us stronger. We need to nurture our relationship.

Nurture. No word could describe our overall relationship goal better. Every month, our relationship goal will be set with this word in mind and will build upon our goal from the previous month.

This month, we've decided that our goal would be this:

To nurture our endeavors and grow them as a team

Our endeavors include Caleb's machining business (which is super awesome and I'm so proud of him!!), this blog, our spiritual life, balancing school and work, and the business that I want to start up this year. Our goal is to work on them together and learn to work as a team. Each month, we'll add a new goal that will build off of this goal. Our hope is that all of this nurturing will pay off and we can become a full-sized plant.

 Marriage & Relationship Goals

What are your marriage or relationship goals for January? Do you have a word for the year?


P.S. My word for 2015!