Currently... // January 2015

Currently...January 2015 Planning / posts for my new series Blogging Basics! I've had a lot of people ask me recently about tips for starting a blog. These tips cover some lesser known things that really make a blog stand out. The first post will be on Monday!

Hoping / that I'll finish my to-do list today! I've been very bad and have procrastinated all week. Things are piling up and today I want to get them all done!

Baking / some oatmeal cookies with my dad! Granted, we were just the ones who scooped, rolled, and put them in the oven, but still :) Yum!

Wearing / lots and lots of layers. The high temperature for today is -6. You read that right. Negative six degrees. Brrrrrrr. (note: the picture in this post is from last year haha but the temps are pretty much the same!) But even sub-zero temps can't keep Minnesotans down! We fight through it :)

Resolving / to become healthier and stronger this year. I want to improve my flexibility and eat whole, natural foods. That's one reason why daily yoga is on my goal list, not the meditating part, but the stretching!

Enjoying / my last few days at home. Time goes by so quickly :(

Discovering / my old yearbooks from high school. Caleb and I went to a boarding school and I found some old pictures of us!

Needing / to do my laundry. Thankfully, laundry at home is free! My sister got me $20 worth of quarters for Christmas though. That will help a lot!

Writing / in my new Day Designer and Lara Casey Powersheets! I feel so good about this year. A little pretty organization doesn't hurt either ;)

Feeling / motivated as I read Make It Happen! I'm only on the first chapter, but man is it inspiring! She writes as if she's sitting right there in front of you having a conversation. I highly recommend it!

Learning / patience. Waiting is difficult sometimes.

What’s currently happening in your life? What are you planning / hoping for this month? Come linkup with Jenna and Anne for the currently linkup each month! :)


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