December Goals

December Goals | The Kardia Blog Ever since I began blogging, the months seem to go by even faster. Maybe it's because I post oh so much every month, or maybe it's just because I'm getting old. Whatever the reason is, I still love having monthly goals, even if I don't finish them all every month. As long as I'm kept accountable, I will finish them! It's just a matter of time.

November Recap:

  • Watch and do the First Steps to Handlettering on Skillshare!

- I meant to do this over Thanksgiving break but I just got so busy. Christmas break is coming though!

  • Read one book (that is not school related)

- Again, meant to do this during Thanksgiving.

  • Sponsor another blog :)

- I almost signed up to sponsor someone, but I decided to wait until the new year because I'm working on some new grab buttons :)

  • Buy a calendar to use for blog planning

- This I did do! I went to Target one day and saw this monthly calendar by Sugar Paper on sale and just had to get it. It's exactly what I was looking for. I wanted just a plain monthly calendar where I can write my blog post ideas on sticky notes and be able to move them around to different days.

  • Return the suspenders that I borrowed back in September…

- Done!

December Goals:

  • Watch and do the First Steps to Handlettering on Skillshare! (I'm going to do it! For sure!)
  • Read one book (that is not school related)
  • Sponsor another blog :)
  • Show my roommate some awesome places in Minnesota!
  • Make some small trinket dishes for my best friends as gifts

What are some of your goals for December?


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