Seasons in Life

Seasons in Life | The Kardia Blog

I am so excited to bring you another Community Brew post today, hosted by Madison of The Wetherills Say I Do and Rachel of Oh Simple Thoughts! This month's topic is all about Seasons. I know that I'm a day late posting this due to my crazy busy schedule these past two days. Nevertheless, I always look forward to these posts because I get to share from my heart.

Esther 4:14 || Isaiah 40:31 What has God taught you about seasons in life? How have you learned to move from one season to another? What is your current season in life and how are you learning to grow in that season?

When I think of seasons, I think changes in life; changes that may sometimes push you out of your comfort zone or changes that you eagerly accept.

I absolutely love what Madison had to say on chasing seasons. As a person who loves dreaming about the future and what's in store, I find that I have to learn to slow down and cherish the season I'm currently in. I have so many dreams I want to fulfill, such as graduating college with a double major in only four years, getting married, decorating a house, starting a business, growing my blog, the list goes on and on. As much as I want to be in control of the path of my life, that is completely out of my hands and in God's only. What I've learned over the past few months is that God has His own timing, and things don't always go the way you thought they would. You may stay in one season longer than another, or you may change between multiple ones in a short amount of time. But if you're constantly wanting to get to the next season, you'll never fully enjoy what's happening in the moment or learn what God is trying to teach you.

Right now, I really want to move on to the next season in my life, but I can hear God saying "Not yet", because I have some things to learn. Things like patience, priorities, and not being wasteful. So if I had to choose one word to describe the season I'm in currently, it'd be growth. I'm learning to be a leader, learning to work with people, learning to apply things in life. I'm growing in my spiritual life day by day and growing in knowledge as I go to classes and study every night. Yet the one thing this season has really taught me is patience. It's not all about me and what I want. Just because something doesn't go the way I wanted it to doesn't mean it's ruined. That's being selfish. God's using this season of growth and learning to mold me.

So take time to reflect on what season you're in. Don't try to rush God's timing. Seasons in life will come and go, but your memories of those seasons will stay with you forever.

 What do seasons mean to you? What season are you in? 


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