November Goals

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So, I'm going to be honest with you guys. I've been failing at my goals lately. It partly has to do with the fact that I think I set too many goals for myself in one month, and I don't have enough time to do all of them. But, things like this happen and you learn from them. So. I've decided that while I'm in school, I'm going to limit myself to a maximum of five goals per month. That's doable, right? :) On that note, here's a recap of what I did accomplish in October and a look at my November goals!

October Recap:

  • Sign up for a Skillshare class

- I'm got so excited as I scrolled through Skillshare's classes! I'm currently signed up for the First Steps to Handlettering class :) If you sign up using this link, you'll get a free month of membership!!

  • Blog about some date ideas

- Once I remember to take pictures of our dates, this will happen!

  • Share some more of my photography on the blog

- I can't wait to share some photos of my personal project for my photography class sometime within the next month!

  • Read one book (that is not school related)

- I will find time for this.

  • Set fitness goals with Caleb

- Technically, we talked about this, but I can't remember exactly what we said at the moment.

  • Go to bed before 11:00 and establish a healthier sleeping schedule because mine is so messed up right now.

- I'm proud to say that for maybe a solid week, I got in bed before 11:00 :) Most nights I'm in bed before midnight.

  • Go on a fun date with my love

- all our dates are fun :) I just forget to take pictures and blog about them.

  • Sponsor another blog :)

- It's going to happen soon!

  • Buy some business clothes (because I’m a business club officer, I need to dress up)

- I do have to do this, but I don't think I'm going to classify it as a goal. It'll happen soon.

  • Walk through a corn maze

- I'm so sad that I didn't accomplish this goal last month. I guess I'll  have to wait until next fall.

  • Do a photoshoot with my best girl friends

- With winter just around the corner, this will probably be put on hold until the spring!

  • Learn to edit pictures in photoshop

- I'm putting this on hold until I go home for Christmas break or maybe even summer vacation.

  • Finish decorating our dorm room

- Sadly, this probably won't happen this school year. We just don't have time. Plus, we just found out that we had bed bugs last night and now our room is a mess from having it heated to kill those little pests. 

  • Stock the fridge with healthy snacks and eat them

- This will eventually happen. Over time :)

November Goals:

  • Watch and do the First Steps to Handlettering on Skillshare!
  • Read one book (that is not school related)
  • Sponsor another blog :)
  • Buy a calendar to use for blog planning
  • Return the suspenders that I borrowed back in September...

What are some of your goals for November?


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