Currently... // November 2014

Currently - November | The Kardia Blog Reading / college textbooks. I really wish I could say I was reading something creative and more interesting than microeconomics.

Wishlisting / some warm L.L. Bean boots, a big dreams notepad, this lovely wall print, and this mug that every blogger should have!

Loving / greeting cards, christmas cards, birthday cards, any type of card! I really want to start a box full of cards for every occasion. You never know when you'll need to write someone a special note. I especially love the cards from Rifle Paper Co. So if anyone wants to send me some pretty cards, I'll be more than happy to collect them ;)

Appreciating / daylight savings time. I really needed that extra hour on Sunday to finish everything I needed to do. Although, I'm not very fond of the sun setting before 5:30.

Creating / business cards and a website for Caleb's business! I'm so, so proud of him for all his hard work :) I mean, how many other college students pay for their own house and run a business before they're even 20!?

Photographing / things for my photography class. In the beginning of December we have to turn in a personal photography assignment where we focus on a theme. My theme is on shutter speeds, both slow and fast. I have some great ideas for photos and hope to share them on here in a few weeks.

Drinking / lots and lots of water! Cold and flu season is just around the corner, and I'm not going to be a victim!

Following / the freeway home for Thanksgiving in a few weeks! I can't wait to see my family again and relax back home.

Waiting / for my wifi to reconnect...again...and again. Is it wrong to get frustrated with a first world problem?

Dreaming / about so many things! I have so many hopes and goals I want to accomplish. And I'm going to do all of them :)

Looking / forward to our 3 year dating anniversary! :) It's next Friday and I can't wait! Hard to believe it's already been 3 years since we were little 16-year-olds. So much has changed since then, in a good way of course! Oh, young love...

What's currently happening in your life? What are you loving / creating this month? Come linkup with Jenna and Anne for the currently linkup each month! :)


P.S. 100 Ways to Love Your Husband! :)