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5 Ways to Save Money on Your Purchases That Don’t Involve Clipping Coupons


Easy tips for saving money.

How to save money

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When I was 8 or 9, my favorite thing to do on Sunday mornings was to take the advertisements from the Sunday paper, sit on the floor, look through each ad, and clip coupons for the family. I loved it. I did it for years. In fact, I still do when I visit my parents (who still subscribe to the paper newspaper). Looking back, that’s probably one of the reasons I studied marketing in college. Seems like I’ve always had an interest in it!

I also still coupon, although I do it a bit differently today. As a busy mama the only true coupons I usually use are the ones in Cartwheel in the Target app and the occasional printable ones.

I’m always looking for ways to save though! Keep reading to learn some easy ways to save money on your purchases without needing to clip coupons!

5 ways to save money on your purchases that don’t involve clipping coupons

How to save money

Use apps


Honey is probably best known for its browser extension that tests out all available coupon codes for you at the click of a button. No more Googling “[store name] discount code” and trying to find one that works. Honey also makes sure you get the best price on Amazon and gives you Honey Gold (their version of points) that you can cash in for gift cards.


Ibotta is a great rebate app! You get cash back on things you actually buy. Just add rebate offers from the store(s) you shop at, purchase the items, scan your receipt, and voilà! Money back! You can transfer your cash to PayPal, Venmo, or gift cards.

Add to cart, but wait a day to fully Check out

If you’re not in a rush, this can be a neat way to get a discount on sites that don’t typically have sales or codes available. Some stores will send abandoned carts a discount via email to incentivize you to purchase. Depending on the store, this might or might not work, but it is worth a try!

Shop end of season sales

End of season sales are great because stores are trying to clear out old inventory to make room for next season, which means discounts for you! Spring/summer merchandise usually goes on clearance in June and July and fall/winter items usually goes on sale in January. I recommend shopping early on during the sales rather than waiting for steeper discounts because items that are popular and/or in your size might sell out fast.

Use Discounted Gift cards (big purchases especially)


If you shop at a certain store a lot, or are planning on making a big purchase, consider buying discounted gift cards. For example, you can buy a J.Crew gift card for $188 that’s worth $200, saving you $12. Or a $470 gift card that’s worth $500, saving you $30! The higher the dollar value of the card is, the more you’ll save.

Sign up for free store rewards programs

The key here is “free”. Some of my favorite loyalty programs are Madewell’s Insider, Nordstrom’s The Nordy Club, and being a Target RedCard holder. If you shop somewhere regularly, this should be an easy way to get discounts!

What are some of the ways you save money on purchases? Comment below!