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The most gorgeous baby album keepsake

Artifact Uprising Baby Book

As I sit here, Olivia is 10 months old and trying to hit the keyboard as I type. Where has the time gone? This post is long overdue lol.

When I was pregnant, I knew I wanted a physical baby album. Although, I wanted more than just a generic pocket album from the store. I wanted it to be beautiful; something I could leave out on the coffee table and it fit right in with the decor. I wanted it to have space to write down the memories that went along with the photos. But most importantly, I wanted it to be a special keepsake piece for my daughter.

I’m a huge fan of Artifact Uprising and their albums and prints. Their modern baby book, The Story of You, fit all the traits I was looking for!

My parents were so kind and gifted the Olive colored one to us because, of course, of our Baby Olives (as I like to call her). 😄


At the beginning of the album is a couple pages for the parents to share about their life before baby arrived. I can just imagine Olivia all grown up, looking back at what Mommy and Daddy were like before she was born!

The rest of the book goes month by month through the first year of life, with prompts and spaces to fill out memories and place prints. There’s also beautiful quotes, pages to write letters to your little one, and even a pocket to keep special cards. It’s binder layout means that you can purchase and add extra pages wherever you’d like so that you can keep more pictures and memories!

Artifact Uprising Baby Book
Artifact Uprising Baby Book

I can’t wait to show Olivia her baby book someday. I know it’ll bring smiles to both of our faces.

Do you keep a baby album for your kids?