The Sweet List | no. 2

lettering by    @thatfeelingco

lettering by @thatfeelingco

Is it really March?

I’m so excited for spring! Snow is great and all, but come March, the temp needs to be on its way up. I’ve been working on a few projects during Olivia’s naps and bedtime. One is the blog, because I hope to post on here more consistently. And the other is an Etsy shop!

A few days ago I launched Meadowsweet Press, an stationery shop! There aren’t that many listings currently, as my days are pretty full taking care of my baby, but I plan to add more in the coming weeks and months. The first two designs were actually the designs I made for my two baby showers last summer (that my mother and mother-in-law so graciously hosted). Check it out and let me know what you think!

In other news...

  1. We’ve got mountains for snow everywhere still. February was a record-breaking snowfall month. This video gave me some late night entertainment!

  2. Trivia Time: Do you know who was on the very first United States postage stamp ever issued? Nope, not George Washington (he was on the second stamp). It was Benjamin Franklin! The 5¢ stamp was issued in 1847 and features Franklin’s portrait because he’s credited with organizing America’s postal service back in the 1700s. Keep this in mind next time you’re on a game show ;)

  3. If you want to be in the know on where to buy all the gorgeous, high quality, boutique goods from around the world, join the Brand Knew Facebook group!

  4. Counting down the days until Wildbird launches their S/S 19 collection! They’ll be having an end of season sale this month if you’re thinking of purchasing one (which you totally should!)

  5. I’m reading all I can about child development these days. Olivia has been wanting more and more new experiences. If you have little babes at home, two Instagram accounts highly I recommend you follow are CanDoKiddo and BusyToddler. Both share awesome developmental activities for babies and toddlers!

  6. I’m making a list of places to visit in San Diego next month and I’m swooning over the aesthetic of the Leo nail salon!

  7. The new Jonas Brother’s single has 11-year-old me fangirl-ing all over again.

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The Sweet List | no. 1


One of the main reasons why I started a blog was so I could share ideas and resources with you, my readers. Sometimes I stumble across things that I love but that don't deserve a whole blog post about (like the book Women Living Well by Courtney Joseph)

The Sweet List, posted every other Sunday, will be a quick recap of the last two weeks, plus some of my favorite finds. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! xoxo

photo via  Nisolo

photo via Nisolo

This week was a special week personally because Caleb and I announced that we're expecting a baby in October! We got to hear our little one's heartbeat at our most recent visit with the midwife. What a beautiful sound! If you've never heard a baby's heartbeat through a fetal doppler, it basically goes whoop-whoop-whoop really fast. I can't wait to hear it again in four weeks!

In other news...

  1. I've had my eyes on these Nisolo loafers for awhile now. They have such great reviews! 
  2. My parents are renovating the main floor of their home, and I've be assisting them in deciding on finishes. If you or anyone you know is thinking of renovating their house, Chloe from Boxwood Avenue shared her advice on the best renovation investments for a dramatic change. Take a look!
  3. If you're vegetarian you NEED to try the Beyond Burger if you haven't already. Jaw-droppingly tastes like meat and it's coming down in price! 
  4. Here's a fun quiz to take if you're bored or are just dying to know what houseplant you are. P.S. I got Snake Plant.
  5. I am in love with the Gathre x Mer Mag collection! The mat is currently out-of-stock (I know, I know, tears 😭) but you can sign up to get notified when it's back.  
  6. There is STILL snow on the ground here in MN. In mid-April. I love winter but this is just too much. Give me spring and sunshine! Maybe it's warm already where you are, so if you're going plant shopping soon, check out this post by Camille Styles on what to wear on a plant shopping weekend.
  7. I'm calling it. Llamas are the next big thing (although goats will always have my heart).

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photo by  Ruth Eileen Photography  for The School of Styling

photo by Ruth Eileen Photography for The School of Styling

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source unknown