Olivia's Mediterranean Inspired 1st Birthday Party


I seriously can’t believe my baby is one! This past year was the fastest year of my life, but also the most fulfilling. I love watching Olivia grow up, and am continually amazed at how much she learns every day.

When I was thinking of a theme for her first birthday party, I knew I wanted it to be unique and have some meaning behind it. My inspiration for her Mediterranean inspired birthday party came from two things: her nickname, Baby Olives, and a gorgeous dress our friends got her when they went to Greece.

I made the invitations and envelope liners myself (I’ll post a tutorial on how to make envelope liners soon). Also, because I love beautiful postage stamps, I just had to curate a set of stamps that went along with the Mediterranean theme. Aren’t they gorgeous?!

Mediterranean inspired invitations
Mediterranean postage stamps

I wanted to have something at the party that the adults could do, so we set up an olive oil tasting game. There were five different olive oils, each with a slightly different flavor profile. The guests were to taste each one and try to match the olive oil in the dish to the bottle it came from. I chose not to use infused olive oil flavors just to make the game a bit harder. The winner received, of course, a nice bottle of olive oil!

For the food, my mother and mother-in-law made an amazing Mediterranean feast! A lot of the food was made from produce from our garden (that my husband grew!). We had the tastiest falafel ever with cucumber sauce, rice and lentils, cucumber and tomato salad, caprese skewers, bruschetta, and pesto pasta salad. There were three spreads for the bread and crackers: hummus, baba ganoush, and sun-dried tomato pesto. And we had the most amazing charcuterie board full of extra fixings such as dates, caramelized walnuts, and roasted red peppers.

There were cakes too, although I don’t have any photos of them unfortunately. We set them on the display stands and bees immediately came for all the sugar on them, so we covered them up until it was time for dessert.

They were super good though! I had made mini olive oil bundt cakes with a lemon glaze. If you’ve never had a olive oil cake before, it’s a traditional Italian cake made with olive oil instead of butter. Since I didn’t get any photos of these cakes, I think I might make more and share my recipe in another blog post.

We also had adorable sugar cookies made by Dorothy Ann Bakery. Lemons, flowers, and number ones!


For the kids, we held a simple Olympic Games. There was the long jump, discus, balance beam, hurdles, javelin throw, and a race. We used a frisbee for the discus and a dowel for the javelin throw. When it was over, the kids lined up and we had a little “ceremony” where they were awarded their metals!

We didn’t do a traditional smash cake with Livvy, mainly because I forgot to make the coconut whipped cream (haha oops). But she loves raspberries, so we piled those on top of her cake (which was a banana cake!)

Oh, and she refused to wear her olive branch crown. Still looked cute though!

The party was held in a park right on the Mississippi River. A cool, foggy morning turned into a beautiful, sunny 80 degrees.

We had a wonderful day celebrating our baby girl! She is our pride and joy, and we love her so much.