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6 amazing arches that will take your breath away!

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So last weekend the temperature hit 60 degrees here in Minnesota. 60 degrees. In February. I opened the windows and actually believed that spring was here! Unfortunately, it's back down into the 30s with snow on the way, but it's still encouraging knowing that spring is just around the corner.

Once the warmer weather arrives, my husband and I will be moving. We've been looking for a house to rent and I'm so excited to find one that's just right for us!

As I've been rental house hunting, I’ve slowly come to realize how certain things can add so much character to a house. You've heard about custom crown molding and fancy trim for doorways & windows, but arched hallways or doors? *swoon!*

At least 70% of the houses I've look at had some sort of arched hallway or door. Older houses tend to have an abundance of these arches, but I love when I see newer houses with them as well. There's something about the richness of detail and sense of permanence that traditional building styles convey. 

I'd love if we can get a rental that has an arch or two, but if we can't, that's ok. I'll just begin to plan some for our dream house someday! But who am I kidding, I've already begun to do that 🙈 

Whether or not you've ever given arches a second thought, I dare you to try to not fall in love with them! Ready for some inspiration?

Studio Life.Style.

Simple arches without any moldings are my favorite right now. These are the types of arches I'm hoping for in our next house! They're clean and modern yet look like they have so much history.

Lynnstone Estate | photo by Chipper Hatter

A grand archway to greet you as you enter the room? Yes. Also, those stone tiles are gorgeous!

Arched doors are another love of mine! The curve on these ones aren't as dramatic, so they don't make you look like you live in a hobbit house. The combination of the wood, large glass windows and sleek iron hardware is beyond perfect! 

Natural Stone Tile - South Africa

Arches can also totally transform the look and feel of a room. Imagine this hallway with a rectangular opening and straight moldings. Too formal and stuffy, right? The arches soften the look and add a sense of elegance.

So, when it comes to hallways & doorways, are you an arch lover or do you go for straight ones? Comment below!

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